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Hannah Selznick offers free consulting services for musicians and their families, instructors and school programs who are interested in purchasing oboes and English horns.

Hannah offers you honest, objective information. Become well informed BEFORE you buy. Hannah takes a personal interest in your Oboe/English horn requirements and will work hard to find you the right instrument at a terrific price!

Hannah’s Oboes stocks superior quality new and used Oboes, English Horns and Oboes D’Amore featuring Loree, Fox, Laubin, Howarth, Fossati, Marigaux, Rigoutat, Josef, Yamaha, and Buffet Greenline. Hannah offers an extensive inventory of instruments for players at the beginning student, intermediate and professional level… ALL in outstanding condition – at fair and reasonable prices – available for no obligation trials.


You will delight in watching a YouTube interview with John Ferrillo, acclaimed oboist.  John Ferrillo has been the Principal Oboe of the Boston Symphony Orchestra since 2001.

Martin SCHURING, Professor of oboe at ASU (link) 
This is a wonderful introduction to oboe with Hugh Downs as the narrator. 
This a 60 minute detailed informational guide to
oboes, by the United States Army Field Band Oboe Section. The information on oboe costs is slightly outdated, but theintroductory information is quite useful.

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