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Hannahsoboes proudly supports and sponsors music programs throughout the United States and the World.

“Kiryat Yam Conservatory” Israel
Congratulations to the Administration – Ran Nachum, Ami Naveh, Mr. Moshe Zlotnick, Oboe instructor
and Students in the Oboe Studio on your Outstanding Conservatory.
It was a pleasure to visit, and I look forward to returning. 









“San Juan Puerto Rico Oboe Workshop”

Dr. Frances Colón, Director
Principal Oboe Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra
Oboe Professor Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music

An online charity connecting you to classrooms in need.

“Metropolitan Youth Orchestras of Central Alabama”
The Scrollworks Youth Music School is designed to prepare students to play in an ensemble. We teach more than how to play an instrument. We teach music.

“The Kinshasa Symphony of the Congo”

“Hope for Haiti”
Haitian Support Alliance (Bon Repos Orphanage)–has videos posted on the site.
The Musical Academy of St-Marc in Haiti
Instrumental Change, Inc.
Hospital Albert Schweitzer, Sister Cities Essex Haiti-Music Program
Hope for Haiti Foundation (School/Community Orchestra in Zorange, Haiti)


Celebrating our Upcoming 12th Season 2013-14

Oboe Section
MNO’s rocking oboe section!
Tiffany Pan, Nikolaus Flickinger, Torrence Welch and Hannah Selznick
at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts

hannah is one of the founding musicians and a proud sponsor of the orchestra

A performance by the MusicaNova Orchestra conducted by Warren Cohen of the Symphony no.4 “Sinfonia lirico” by Eduard Tubin at Tempe Center for the Arts on January 4 2009 at the Tempe Center for the Arts.

MusicaNova Orchestra: Graham Cohen Symphony no.10,
Saint-Seäns Africa and Stravinsky Firebird

MusicaNova Orchestra of Scottsdale

Warren Cohen, Music Director
Anna Han, Pianist
Graham cohen, Composer
January 27, 2013