New or Used

Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Used Oboe

There are potential risks and rewards in buying a pre-owned oboe. These pros and cons of buying a used oboe will help you decide which is right for you. Let’s start with the potential downside.

Reasons Not to Buy a Used Oboe

1. Wood Oboes May Lose Tone Quality
Some reasons that an oboe may have decreased acoustical tone qualities include: If the wood has become moldy, brittle or decayed from inactivity, dryness, or if there have been adverse changes in the bore. Every oboe should be tested on an individual basis.

2. Buying Used is Risky if you Don’t Know the Seller’s Reputation
The instrument might not have been maintained routinely. Ask the seller about the history of the oboe including cracks and repairs. Ask the seller whether the oboe has been played regularly or if it has been sitting in a closet which is not helpful for the oboe. Check out any instrument before buying. Have a professional inspect the oboe during the trial period. Many times you get what you paid for…beware of offers too good to be true.

3. Used Oboes Usually Don’t Have a Warranty
If you buy a used instrument, you’ll need to be prepared to pay for of any repairs it needs. Most don’t come with a warranty. You might request a 30-day warranty in order to make sure that it is in good working condition.

Reasons to Buy a Used Oboe

1. New Oboes Experience Some Depreciation
Carefully shop for a used oboe that has been lightly played and well maintained. Oboes at all levels: beginner, intermediate and professional are available on the secondary market. Quality brands that are in excellent condition will retain a strong value, so compare the pricing to see what fits your budget and playing needs the best.

2. You Might Find a Really Good Deal
Some used oboes are nearly new. The seller was, perhaps at one time, really excited about learning the oboe, so spent a small fortune on a good one. Then things changed, and suddenly playing the oboe took a back seat to other interests. Or financial considerations forced the sale of the instrument.

3. A Used Oboe will be Broken In and Seasoned
If you are looking for a performance-ready instrument in a shorter period of time, buying a used oboe makes very good sense. New wood oboes take up to 1 year of consistent playing to reach their tonal peak. All newly purchased oboes, even used, should be carefully broken in to season the wood to its new environment.

4. Used Instruments from hannahsoboes are meticulously serviced prior to becoming available for a new home. Instruments will look and play at their very best. 

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