Phone: 602-999-0325



Dear Hannah, I cannot thank you enough for all your help during the process of purchasing an oboe for Annelyse. Your personal touch gave me such peace of mind knowing I was buying a quality instrument from an industry leader. Best, Kristen, NY. September 2019.
“I recently had the absolute pleasure of doing business with Hannah, the owner of Hannah’s Oboes/The Oboe Fairy.  She immediately understood my urgency of buying a quality pre-owned instrument at an affordable price.  The first instrument she selected for me to consider was spot on—the one I ended up purchasing.  She also sent the instrument across the country to Florida to allow me to inspect it on a one-week trial basis. Once I decided that I would indeed buy the instrument, Hannah concluded the purchase quickly and in a professional manner.  In addition, she sent music, method books, cleaning, and reed-making kit.  She is gracious and kind online and on the phone—very personable and pleasant.  I will definitely purchase from her again and heartily recommend her to any serious oboist.” Sincerely, Tyler.” Florida, July 2019.

“Good morning, I hope all is well. Thank you for making this an amazing experience and keeping me informed throughout this process. Your display of professionalism and stellar customer service was greatly appreciated. Be blessed!! Kind regards, Latasha. ” Tennessee, June 2019.



“Hannah, it really has been a pleasure working with you throughout this process.  My daughter loves her new instruments and is happier with the sound that comes out of them.  You have made the entire process absolutely painless and we have appreciated all your guidance through the process. Thanks again for all you do!  You are inspirational and make a huge impact on future musicians! Have a great week! Sincerely, Ken.” New York, June 2019.



“Hannah,  I’m astonished at how quickly you were able to sell my Loree oboe and am so glad that I gave it to you to find a new home. Cathy.” Delaware, June 2019.





“Hi! Need an oboe but you don’t know the first thing about the process? Let The Oboe Fairy AKA Hannah Selznick help you. She makes the out of state process easy as I’m from WA State. My daughter is 14. We are on a budget. Hannah fit our budget to the type of oboe we were dreaming about not thinking it would be a reality, but it has. She sent a variety of oboes via an email list. We selected 3 to try and we found a perfect match. I would recommend The Oboe Fairy again and again. Thank you, Ru.” June 2019.


“Hannah made Esther’s purchase very, very easy! The process looked like this…

1. Quick email contact
2. A 10-15 minute phone call to discuss Esther’s experience, level, teacher, tools she already has available and our budget.
3. Hannah sent us an inventory list of available oboes. 
4. Esther worked with the instructor to identify 4 instruments she should try out.
5. Hannah sent us 1 used Fox, 1 New Yamaha, and 2 new Howarth Oboes
6. 1-week test then Esther worked with Devin to identify her favorite
7. We shipped back 3 oboes and payment for oboe and shipping.
8. Hannah sent us a bill of sale as soon as payment was received. Karen-Lyn.”  Alabama, June 2019.

“My family recently embarked on the journey of purchasing an oboe. We were unsure of our wishes and had to ask for multiple lists as we continually refined our desired features. Through it all, Hannah was gracious and applied no sales pressure. She understood the importance of the decision. When we were finally ready to order a trial, one of the oboes was no longer available. She listened to our feature list, assessed our situation, and gave an informed recommendation. The trials were sent promptly.  Upon opening the box, it was even more obvious the amount of passion and professionalism that Hannah brings to the business. Everything was clearly labeled and there were numerous support documents. My daughter tried each instrument with her oboe instructor and finally made a decision. It just happened to be the one Hannah recommended! My family highly appreciates all of Hannah’s assistance and The Oboe Fairy will be the first stop for any future purchases. John.” Texas, May 2019.

“I want you to know how impressed we were with the entire experience.  From the packaging, directions/information and the details of every piece having your logo (which Kayla loves!).  She was so excited about the sticker, reed box, and water cup all having your logo.  We are definitely a fan and will refer you whenever the chance comes.  I personally hope we do not need your services again ourselves because this oboe should last Kayla for many, many years…but we will sing your praises whenever possible. Thank you!! Jennifer.” Texas, April 2019.

“Dear Hannah, after a lot of online research, we found the website for Hannah’s oboes. I am so glad we did!  Hannah is not only knowledgeable about her oboes she is also a guide who tries to fit the oboe to the player.  Through emails and phone calls, she helped us find the correct grouping of four oboes for my daughter to try.  My daughter is a fifth-year oboe player who has only played oboe for her school band on a school owned oboe.  Hannah recommended that we find an oboist to help us evaluate the oboes.  We live in a small town on the other side of the U.S. but Hannah knew an oboist close to where we live.  Not only was trying out the grouping of four oboes with an oboist fun and informational, but it was also so very important in helping us choose the correct oboe.  I cannot thank Hannah enough for all of her help.  It is such a huge investment both financially and musically.  Hannah also sends a folder with lots of information and a goodie bag – an oboe swag bag.  My daughter thought it was so fun getting all these little surprises.  Hannah truly is an Oboe Fairy.  Sincerely, Amy.” Virginia, April 2019. 

“Dear Hannah, WOW!!!  Thanks so much for the great service!!!! It is deeply appreciated.  I wish everything in life went as smoothly as this. You are AWESOME!!  I will let Nancy Ambrose King and others in our oboe community know about the great service! All the best wishes, Sue.” Michigan, April 2019.


“Selling your instrument is an emotional and hard process, especially when you play a horn as specialized as the oboe. When I decided to sell my oboe, it was no question to turn to Hannah for help. I was lucky enough to buy my horn from Hannah in 2011. Finding professional-used oboes in good condition from a specialized seller is nearly impossible- through Hannah, however, the process was easy. I had the opportunity to play multiple oboes before deciding on my own (which I would play for 7 years). When my time with the instrument came to a close, trying to sell on my own was an excruciating process. Very few people in my area were interested in purchasing a professional level instrument, not to mention that my local instrument repair shop doesn’t know how to clean and repair anything beyond a student level flute or clarinet without messing it up even further. Hannah removed every complication from the process- including bending the rules to allow me to pay for the servicing at a later date (which was MUCH appreciated). Through her, my instrument was taken from worn and torn to like-new and sold in LESS THAN A MONTH AND A HALF. This process on my own could’ve taken up to a year (if I was lucky). I couldn’t be more grateful to Hannah for making this process incredibly easy on both my wallet and my heart.  Roxanna, NC.” April 2019.

“Dear Hannah, Thank you so much for helping me find my dream oboe! I cannot explain how excited I am to have this new oboe. I am so glad I went through your wonderful service 🙂 I have purchased the Loree oboe. Thank you so much. Caitty.” West Virginia, April 2019

“Hannah, You are such a blessing! Thanks again for all of your help. Finding the right oboe for Kiersten has made such a difference already! Jennifer.” Missouri, April 2019.
“Hannah, Thank you so much! It has been a pleasure to work with you. Christine.” Kansas,  March 2019. 
“Hannah ‘The Oboe Fairy,’ Thank you so very much for helping me reconnect with my love for orchestral music and playing the oboe. It felt like coming home. So appreciate your kind and informative support! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Jessica.” Washington. December 2018
“Thank you so much for the service you have provided, getting this horn in shape and back out into the world! I am so happy that it will be played again—and that it sold for such a good price, which will now help me buy student instruments for my two children. Very, very grateful. If I can be of help in future with a referral, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Avery.” Kansas/Thailand. December 2018.

A Very HAPPY New Howarth Oboe Owner – and a Fabulous Halloween Costume! Thanks! Claire.   November 2018.

“Hannah, Thank you for the goodie packs, they will be put to good use. They were much needed, as well. I really appreciate all your help with trying these oboes. It has been a wonderful experience. Tiffany.” Oregon, November 2018.

“Hi Hannah, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help and assistance with finding the right oboe for my daughter Sydney. After about 4-5 months of trying to do my known research and speaking with several people, I was referred to you by a music teacher in my daughter’s school district. For someone like myself who does not know anything about the oboe at all, you made this entire venture very easy and comfortable.You helped along with my school district to narrow the choices out of so many oboes which was wonderful. It was amazing that you sent the three choices for Sydney to try for a week before making a decision and without any obligation to have to make a purchase was stress free.    Sydney loved practicing and trying out all three of them with the help from her band teachers to make the perfect choice for her. Your knowledge of this instrument and your willingness to help others like myself who needed guidance was fabulous. I will absolutely be recommending you to anyone who needs help with anything regarding the oboe. My daughter and I will probably be contacting you in the future if we should have any other questions or help.There really isn’t any need to go anywhere else.  You are a gem to those of us who have children to love playing their instruments and want to take it as far as they can.  Sincerely, Silvana.” New York, October 2018.

“Hannah, thank you so much for taking care of Daniel through this English Horn selection process. When ‘mom’ can’t be there, it’s such a comfort to have a wise adult guiding him. He had such nice things to say about you. Thank you, Myla.” Florida, October 2018.

“Dear Hannah, You are awesome! My daughter is so happy to play her new oboe. I can’t thank you enough. Donna.”…. “Thank you so much for allowing me to further my oboe playing. I love the Howarth that you introduced to me and so glad you did. Gianna.” Florida, October 2018.

“My name is Noah, and just recently my family went through you to get a rosewood Laubin oboe. I am currently studying in college with Dr. Alicia Chapman, and wanted to let you know that it is an absolutely amazing instrument and I appreciate everything you did for our family! This Tuesday I performed with the Hayes School of Music faculty on a concert where we played the Mozart Gran Partita and I was on the second part. Everyone said I did a wonderful job and I just wanted to give you an update on everything. I am looking forward to working with you again in the future, whenever that may be!” North Carolina, October 2018.

“I am so grateful for my daughter’s camp friends and oboe instructor for recommending Hannah “The Oboe Fairy” Selznick! Our experience with her was top notch from the beginning. My husband and I had zero knowledge about oboes and what would be a good fit for our daughter. Hannah made the process easy. She responded to my email minutes after I hit send, made recommendations, was quick to respond, answered all our questions and was very patient with us. There was never any pressure to try or buy.  Even after we decided to have oboes sent for trial, the positive experience continued. The instructions were clear, the description of the oboes included and instructors for care, too! If the need for another oboe arises, we will be reaching out to Hannah again! Elizabeth. Michigan, September 2018.

“Dear Hannah, Thank you so much for your excellent service. Every step of this process was easy. Getting to try out four new oboes for a week was an amazing opportunity, and I am very pleased with the results. I’m looking forward to making music with my Howarth S40c “VT”. I know who to come to for my next upgrade 🙂 – Daniel.” New York, September 2018.


“Thank you so so much, Hannah!  Your company’s quality and branding makes my job so much easier. The parents are impressed by your presentation and the little extras. They really feel like they are getting a premium product (which, of course they are!). Thank you so much. You are an easy first choice for me. Hope to see you sometime in person.  Best! Elizabeth..” Louisiana, September, 2018.

“Hi, Hannah! After lots of playing and a lesson with Linnea, we have decided to go with the Fox oboe. Thank you so much for making this process much easier than I imagined it was going to be! My daughter is really excited to have a fairy on all of her accessories. Amanda.” Washington, June 2018.

“In 2014 our son was in need of an Oboe and through the world of music someone mentioned “The Oboe Fairy.” So we decided to give this a shot and see how it went. Our family met Hannah through email and had this wonderful experience not once but twice. After having bought Noah an Oboe from The Oboe fairy in 2014 as he was preparing for college this year, (2018) we went through this same process of getting to know Hannah and her business a little better. A few phone conversations and more emails we understood that Hannah loved her family, music, Oboes but she also loved helping folks. Just to give you a brief idea of the quality of instruments she carries in inventory this should give you a little better perspective. Our son playing on her Oboe for 4 years made the following: 
—- all county, district and state he made multiple times and many times was 1st chair
—- he also went to all state a couple times and fared well 
—- he went to multiple music camps
—- Noah was also picked to go to Governor’s school, which is only the best of the best musicians in the state
There are many others not to mention. If you need an Oboe I would highly recommend giving Hannah of “The Oboe Fairy” a chance and I think you will be very pleased. Lastly, the whole process she uses and her shipping methods are fantastic and very easy if you follow her instructions. Thanks again Hannah for all of your help and input in helping Noah with his life of music and for being a part of our family.   Dell/Jennifer/Noah.” North Carolina, June 2018.

“Hi Hannah, thank you for being a part of my journey to owning my own oboe. I am more than pleased with my new friend. I got it just in time for 2 major concerts. I’m glad I had a nice oboe to play Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake on. Everyone loves my new oboe with its fancy finish. Thank you for such a beautiful instrument, it will be put to good use! With Aloha, Ashley.” Hawaii, May 2018.

“I recently decided I wanted to add playing the oboe to my planned retirement hobbies. I’d played in high school and really enjoyed the instrument. I did a fair amount of research prior to shopping and felt that Hannah’s Oboes was a good place to start. The real challenge in buying any instrument is understanding the options that fit your budget. Hannah did an excellent job of putting together a trial of great oboes. When I started the process, I figured I get a decent oboe at a good price. The reality is I got an amazing oboe and I’m really going to enjoy the journey of upping my game as a player to see where I can go with this instrument. I highly recommend the Oboe Fairy. The service is outstanding and very tailored to the needs of each client. Susan.” Texas, May 2018.

“Our daughter is a beginning oboe student.  While my husband and I have a strong instrumental music background, neither of us has any experience with a reed instrument.  Yikes!!   Renting from the local music store was expensive, and they only offered beginning instruments that our daughter would have outgrown after a year.   We were referred to Hannah by our daughter’s oboe teacher, who had heard of Hannah through a friend.   We are so grateful for that referral! 
      I looked at the Oboe Fairy website and thought it might be a good fit for our family.  We called and Hannah personally answered the phone.  We had a lovely discussion about our situation.  Hannah listened patiently, answered our initial questions, and let us know that she would be available to us throughout the oboe trial period AND after.   She made it clear that we would become part of the “Oboe Fairy Family” for life, not just for the purchase of an instrument.   I received a follow-up email from Hannah soon after the call.  It was welcoming, informative, and well written!    Hannah’s loan policy was quite generous.  With a credit card on file, she would send up to 4 oboes.  We deferred to Hannah’s expertise to select the oboes based on our needs.    The well-packaged box arrived with a folder of very important information.  It included oboe models, descriptions of features, pricing, general oboe care, and oboe repair info.   It also included some wonderful goodies from the Oboe Fairy, ours to keep with the purchase of an instrument.      The oboes Hannah selected for us were intermediate-level instruments, all with different features to evaluate.   During the trial, we contacted Hannah with additional questions.  Again, Hannah was patient and helpful and explained to us the features that seemed to be drawing us to a particular instrument.  It was like our oboe was sprinkled with “fairy dust” calling out “pick me, pick me”—(ok…so that’s a SLIGHT exaggeration, but it certainly felt that way).   Overall, we were thoroughly pleased with the process, and would HIGHLY recommend Hannah to anyone in need of a new or used oboe!  Ginger.” South Carolina, May 2018.

“Hello Hannah, We are very excited to begin this “oboe journey” with Jillian. A huge THANK YOU for your time and efforts to help find the right instrument for our needs. We look forward to our new relationship with you, the oboe fairy! Ginger.” South Carolina, April 2018.

“Hannah-Thank you for all of your help! Your service and selection really helped make purchasing a quality oboe a reality for me. I felt incredibly comfortable with every aspect of the trial and transaction and am confident that I have a quality instrument that will provide me years of use. I look forward to working with you in the future and will not hesitate to refer my peers. Kim.” Oregon, April 2018.

“Hannah,  It was likewise a joy for Margie and me to get a chance to meet you (and your dogs!), and for you to share your oboe passion with us!  We appreciated the lesson and demonstration, as well as your expert guidance in selecting an oboe.  Your passion boosted our enthusiasm, and I eagerly started yesterday with practicing a sustained tone on the double reed yesterday as you suggested. I am already eagerly looking forward to getting back home after work to practice some more this evening! Your passion even prompted Margie to pull out her flute as well as her guitar to resume playing them both!   Thank you again, and we look forward to touching base with you again as part of this amazing adventure!  Best regards, Fred.” Arizona, April 2018.  (“Let me add as a postscript a big thank you for the extra goodies you sent Margie and me home with! You got me started on this oboe adventure in a wonderful fashion.  Thank you again.”)

“To all considering the purchase of an Oboe or English Horn:  I have taken the liberty of renaming Hannah, “The Oboe/English Horn Queen”! No “Fairy” Dust in her operation.  I had been looking for a quality Loree English Horn for quite some time.  Through a series of circumstances my friend/reed maker and instructor, Kerry Willingham introduced me to Hannah.  The entire transaction was seamless and provided a superb used horn, at a reasonable (read very competitive) price.    Hannah’s instruments are repaired to exacting standards and perform in a manner superior to other used, and even new instruments that I tried.  The instrument was shipped and packaged in a manner that protected its integrity…and the coffee treat was an added bonus!   Hannah’s relationship with a leasing company facilitated the transaction which, from start to finish should take less than a week.  I was not joking when I mentioned to Hannah that this is a “two-fer” deal, as I expect to purchase an oboe next year, once the EH and I have become inseparable.  In sum, I recommend Hannah’s company without reservation….she is a Mensch!  Ed.” Maryland, March 2018.

“Dear Hannah, Thank you so much for your stellar business practice. Your service is impeccable. Tom.” Ohio, March 2018.

“Dear Hannah and Brent, Thank you for all your assistance with the purchase of an oboe for my son.  You made the process very enjoyable for both of us.  I really appreciate all the great extras you sent with the oboes when we did our testing and purchase.  Nathan had everything he needed to get started.  He is very excited about learning to play. Thank you again, Carla.” Maryland, February, 2018. 

“Dear Oboe Fairy & helpers, Thank you for your help in finding a new oboe for our daughter. She is thrilled with her new Howarth. Thank you for taking time to answer all of our novice questions. Rex & Debbi.” Idaho, January 2018.

“Hannah, Madison was ecstatic about the Oboe.  She had no idea we were even looking for one for her.  I cannot express to you how thankful we are for her to have such a beautiful and wonderful instrument.  She played it Christmas day and it sounds absolutely beautiful!!  The sound quality is not even comparable to her school instrument.   Madison played flute for two years and liked the flute but did not love it.  Her band director gave her the opportunity to play the Oboe for symphonic band and she has absolutely LOVED playing it (even on a substandard Oboe).  I’m really excited as a parent for my teenage daughter to enjoy music so much and have such a passion for it in today’s world of technology.   I will send some pictures in a few days of her and her instrument.  Again, I cannot thank you enough for the blessing you have been/and will be to her in her life with this instrument.  That Oboe is absolutely amazing and such an opportunity for her. Thank you again, Crystal.” Mississippi, January, 2018.

“Thank you so much! Reagan loves, loves, loves her oboe!!! Aimee.” Kansas, January 2018.

“Thank you for the wonderful experience finding my new oboe. You and Brent were very helpful throughout the process. I really appreciate all that you have done for me! I didn’t even know that an all-synthetic Howarth oboe existed until I contacted The Oboe Fairy, and it turned out to be the best oboe for me. Thanks, Laura.” New Jersey, January, 2018.

“Hi Hannah and Brent, the Loree double oboe/EH case was delivered this morning, and instruments are already “nestled all snug” inside.   It looks like new!  Thank you for being so honest, and discounting something that you could have sold as new without me knowing any difference.  I saved hundreds of $’s, and it emphasizes your reputation in the oboe community as one of the premier suppliers of oboes and associated items.  It’s been a pleasure doing business with you, and I’m sure that I will arrange more magical visits from the Oboe Fairy in the future!  Have a great holiday. Thanks again, Christine.” Michigan, December, 2017.

“Dear Hannah and Brent,  We can’t thank you enough for all that you did to help Aislinn find her dream oboe! This was our very first oboe purchase (we had struggled with a Chinese plastic rental long enough!) and we were more than a little overwhelmed at first. Our instructor Dee impressed upon us how important it was to try several oboes to find the right “fit”. She likened it to trying on wedding dresses–each one fits differently, and when you find the right one, it accentuates all your good qualities and makes you shine! She sent us your way and said you were fantastic to work with, and she was so right! You had everything in stock and were able to get 4 oboes on their way to us the day we contacted you, allowing Aislinn to try all of them out over the weekend before her last lesson of the year with Dee, where they tested each one. Aislinn’s top choice was also Dee’s favorite, so the gorgeous Howarth S40C VT is staying here as Aislinn’s Christmas gift.    I will never forget the look of pure joy on her face as she listened to the recording of her playing it, “That’s really me?? Do I really sound like that??” A quality instrument makes a world of difference–I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see my quiet introvert bursting with joy–she just can’t stop smiling (and playing!). You made the process so easy and stress-free, and the extra surprises in the box were such a treat! I just dropped the three returns off at the Fed-Ex office–they will be back to you by Friday.    Have a wonderful Christmas, and THANK YOU for your amazing customer service and making this such a Christmas to remember!  Best wishes, Beth and Aislinn.” Massachusetts, December, 2017.

“Hannah, thank you so much for everything! We love the coffee and the instruments are so beautiful! Thank you for the reed; it worked out quite nicely. Sam.” California, November, 2017.

“Hannah – please go ahead and post it.  The more oboists who know how wonderful you guys are, the better! ….The Oboe Fairy must have enchanted that S bell !!!!!!!  It not only brought the middle B and B flat up into tune, but also fixed the low and middle Ds (used to be flat), and the middle E and F (used to be sharp)!  The entire lower register is in tune without me having to lip it up.  The middle C is now a little sharp, but I can deal with that.  My oboe has always had a nice sound but the bell makes it rounder and more mellow.  Two other oboists were very surprised by the differences it made.  It is not an understatement to say that I’m thrilled with it! Thank you very much for your excellent customer service and for sending me such magic!” Vicki, Massachusetts, November, 2017.

“Hannah’s Oboes:  The finest Instruments, unparalleled service, a true gift to the serious musician.    From your first telephone conversation with Hannah Selznick until your instrument selection process is completed, dealing with Hannah’s Oboes seems more an oboe heaven-on-earth than any mere fairyland.  Hannah listens intently to your instrument desires and requirements, provides a lengthy annotated list of instruments meeting those requirements (as well as some wonderfully helpful informational videos), sends you a sampling of up to 4 instruments you have chosen from her list that she then plays and checks prior to shipment, and allows you up to a week to make up your mind.  All along the way, she provides five-star service to every client and stays personally available to assist you in any way necessary.    Every instrument provided to me exhibited mechanical near perfection and consistency of sound throughout all registers, allowing me the luxury of discriminating the subtleties of tone and timbre to make my final selection.  The result was finding the instrument of my dreams shimmering with that “just right for me” sound I had been seeking.     I heartily recommend Hannah’s Oboes to any serious oboist.  You won’t be disappointed.  Dr. Jean M. P. Ph.D.” Massachusetts, October, 2017.
(From Jean’s oboe instructor…….”This is Laura…. You sent my student, Jean 5 wonderful instruments for her to try. Just this morning we tried them all and there was a clear winner. It was such a spectacular instrument I wished I could buy it! I’m betting she’s already gotten in touch with you.    I just wanted to say thank you for treating Jean so well and sending such great oboes for her to try. You already won me over with the coffee treat before we even got the instruments out! And then we got the instruments out!! Anyway, it was an absolute pleasure indirectly doing business with you. And the next time I need to buy, I’ll be calling you!”)

“Dear Hannah, Our son loves the oboe! The sound is fabulous and the instrument is like new.  Thank you so much for all your assistance and patience in helping us to pick the right instrument! Warmest regards, Bogdan.” California, October, 2017.

“Brent, Thank you! Leah loves the new oboe and we really enjoyed working with you to find her the perfect instrument! Best regards, Scott.” Georgia, September, 2017.

“Dear Hannah & Staff- Thank you so very much for all the help! Our daughter is madly in love with her oboe. 🙂 Your company is amazing!! Kay loved her coffee. Kind regards- Mike, Jessica & Emma.” Kansas, September, 2017.

“Dear Brent, Thank you for helping us choose the perfect oboe. I am very excited to learn how to play it. Respectfully, Stella.” Missouri, September, 2017.

“My experience with the Oboe Fairy…..If you want to experience a “Harry Potter” moment then Hannah the Oboe Fairy is for you. Due to our time frame and location, I needed to find an excellent oboe with a 3rd octave key right away. The ability to try out 3 or 4 oboes for a week was like ‘the instrument choosing the musician.’ The whole process from inquiry to purchase was easy and Brent and Hannah were so kind. I would purchase another instrument from the Oboe Fairy as they provide excellent customer service and answers all your questions with kindness and compassion. Thank you hannah for your wonderful knowledge! Kind Regards, Patricia.” Kansas, August, 2017. (P.S. Thank you, Sasha loves the Howarth.)

“Hannah and Brent….Natalie told her band teacher at school she got new oboe. He asked her where she got it from. She told him “the oboe fairy.”  To our surprise, he told her that the school got their English horn from you!  I am sure the purchase was years ago……Anyway, we found that to be pretty cool.  Thank you again for everything!!  Theresa and Natalie.” New Hampshire, August, 2017.

“Thanks Hannah and Brent!  I’ve already received so many compliments on the English Horn… thanks for helping me choose the right one for me! I can’t wait to work with you again when I replace my oboe. 🙂 Have a great week! Dave.” Arizona, August, 2017.

“Dear Hannah and Brent – Many thanks for allowing Julianne to spend a week with some of your oboes! We are thrilled to have given you the sale and are so impressed with your oboes, the efforts you make to add information and accessories, and your willingness to let us hang onto the Loree a few extra days! Julianne heads to … University in … with her new oboe as a music major in 2 weeks! Yay for moving from Artley oboe to Loree! Meg & Julianne.” Pennsylvania, August, 2017.

“Hi Hannah,  Here is the update!  On a drive from Orlando (Soccer Tourney) to Kansas City, we stopped in Smyrna, TN to meet Jason face-to-face and pick up my Hannah’s wonderfully repaired oboe yesterday.  He was great!  Hannah was all smiles and lots of hugs to her oboe and so happy to have it back.  I just wanted to give you the update.  It’s good-as-new!!! Thanks for your amazing warranty service.  We have enjoyed recommending you and your stellar consideration when choosing an oboe.  Hannah could not be happier ….. Cheers, Kristin.” Missouri, July, 2017.

“Dear Hannah and Brent, Thank you very much for helping me get this beautiful new Howarth d’amore. The old horn still sounds lovely, but it’s from 1991 and the art of oboe making has made great strides since then. So the time has come to upgrade! Thanks again to both of you for your assistance in getting this new horn into my hands. Paul.” New York, July, 2017.

“Hannah, Excellent service and thank you for working with me in making it a very pleasant experience. Pranav.” Texas, July, 2017.

“Good morning, Hannah and all at Hannah’s Oboes.   I want to say how grateful I am to you and all your staff that were at IDRS 2017 in Appleton, WI.  You, Brent, and Nicholas were so helpful to me as I picked out my new Fox 330 oboe.  I just love it.  You all never pressured me, patiently guided me to my final decision, and were so helpful still after the sale.  I will also talk you up and spread the word about you and your wonderful company, service, and most of all the people!  Your level of professionalism and personalized service can’t be beaten! Matthew.” Ohio, July, 2017.

“Hannah, thank you so much. Kelsey loved the experience of having a choice of which instrument she liked.  I did not realize the oboe can be tough at times as far as achieving the notes;  she did not do well with the Fox brand and it came down to the Yamaha and Howarth which I think the fingerings with the Yamaha made her feel more comfortable.  She is very new to the instrument but with all the instruments she plays, the oboe is her favorite.  I passed your business card onto her music teacher.  She is excited to have her oboe for band camp next week………..Thank you again you made this process of finding an oboe so easy and fun.  Donna.” New Jersey, July, 2017.

“Dear Hannah (and Brent!) From my initial contact with Hannah’s Oboes, I knew I was dealing with the right people. My husband and I came to you, daunted by the complexity involved in choosing the proper instrument for our son. When he took up oboe, three years ago, we had no real understanding how special and intricate this instrument truly is. When we were ready for our upgrade from a beginner oboe, we knew we needed help & guidance. You and Brent were so good to us. The level of response & personal interaction was unprecedented to me. Getting to know more about our son’s level as a player, you were able to guide us towards appropriate options. We were grateful for choices that would meet our son’s need, while fitting our budget constraints.  Your attention to detail, knowledge & communication made the trial process go very smoothly. We quickly developed a good level of trust.  Thank you for everything! From the wide range of oboes you offer for sale, to the lovely details, like the oboe silk and coffee. Your genuine concern that we were satisfied with our ultimate choice is greatly appreciated. You allowed us to feel that we could make this investment with confidence and clarity. Absolutely, we recommend anyone needing an oboe to engage with you.  In a society that, sadly, appears to sometimes be abandoning the arts, you are a welcome, appreciated, necessary bright star!  Best wishes. Thank You!! Mary; mom to Ethan.” Maryland, June, 2017.

“Hannah, we received the shipment of four oboes at my office on Friday. My son was helping me out at the office so he actually signed for the shipment (not knowing what was contained in the box). I phoned my wife so she could, along with me, watch him open the box. He was surprised and touched by what he found in the opened box. He spent the rest of Friday and most of Saturday trying out the four oboes. In the end, he chose the Fossati.  We want to thank you for all that you have done and your part in this memorable graduation experience. And the added “goodies” in the box were, as well, appreciated. Again, thank you for all you have done! Pat and Lois.” Michigan, June, 2017.

“Hannah, thank you so much!! This has been a wonderful experience. I already recommend you to everyone so I’ll just add this to the list of reasons you are awesome. 🙂 Erin.” Texas, June, 2017.

“Hannah, we received the oboe yesterday.  It is beyond every expectation we had.  I just want to thank you for all that you have done and all that you do.  I think you have to be a musician to understand how devastating it would be to not have an instrument to play on.  We are elated and I am overjoyed to be able to give my niece a gift that will last her a lifetime and give her many hours of joy.  I am taking it to her tomorrow and I am bringing a viola/oboe duet to play with her.  I cannot wait to see her face and hear her play for the first time ever on her own oboe………. We are totally in your debt for helping us find the right instrument at such a wonderful price.  Keep doing what you do……….  She really loves it.  She couldn’t sleep Friday night because she was so excited.   I took it over Saturday and she immediately got it out and started playing it.  She said it is better than the one she was using at school.  I play viola in a local symphony and sit directly in front of our principal oboe.  This oboe has a beautiful tone, as you probably already know.  It has a gorgeous sound.  We tried to play duets but it is hard to find oboe viola duets.  Lol.  I know she is going to put it to good use in college. Shawna.” Florida, June, 2017.

“Thank you so much for your wonderful assistance with us while reviewing and purchasing an oboe. Your patience with our questions and concerns, as well as, your honesty was very appreciated.  Melissa.” …..”Hannah, thank you for assisting us in our purchase of an oboe, I especially thank you for suggesting the Howarth; it plays beautifully! This oboe definitely gives me more room to grow as a musician and I’m so excited to play more music with it! ~Janie.” Indiana, May, 2017.

“I’m so appreciative of you (Brent) and hannah. This makes 7 oboes that I’ve tried and you guys were the best to deal with and had the best quality and were most helpful. You can count on my business again. Mitchell.” Kentucky, May, 2017.

“Hi-Thanks for your help-Patrick is thrilled with his new oboe. Amy.” Georgia, May, 2017.

“Thank you so much for a great service, a quality instrument and all your help! Hanna.”  California, May, 2017.

“Thank you so much for everything! including all the fun extras. You guys rock! Tessa is thrilled with her Howarth & looks forward to playing it for the next few years. Lani.” Colorado, May, 2017.

“Hi, Hannah!  I am just so darn excited about my oboe selling. Thanks again for your great service. You are truly the best. Sarah.” Texas, May, 2017.

“Hannah, Thank you again for helping to sell my oboe at a great price. I’d definitely recommend you to my friends and colleagues. Best wishes and regards, Liang.” International Client. May, 2017. 

“Hannah, Thanks for sending the oboes, plus coffee and fairy shirt! We are looking forward to lots of exciting oboe music. Karsten.” Massachusetts, May, 2017.

“Hannah, We had a good experience and appreciate you making it so easy. Thanks for everything. Elyssa really enjoys playing her new instrument. Jason.” Michigan, May, 2017.

“Hannah, you have made what could have been a long difficult process so easy! I’m so glad Beth recommended you. BTW – the coffee was delicious, so thank you!  I appreciate everything you have done for us! -Bobbi.” Texas, May, 2017.

“Dear Hannah, my Oboe Fairy God-Mother, I feel like Cinderella at the Ball because my Loree oboe is a perfect fit! Best regards, Connie.” Rhode Island, March, 2017.

“Hannah, thank you for the beautiful oboe! It has already made a big difference in my musical journey. Leann.” Pennsylvania, February, 2017.

“Hannah, The band director loves the Fox oboe. She test played it for a couple minutes.  She wishes that there was a bassoon fairy.  That is her primary instrument.   My daughter Emily loves how easy the Fox oboe is to get a good quality sound out of, compared to the cheap plastic one that she had been using.  Thank you very much!! Kurt.” Indiana, February, 2017.

“Brent and Hannah, Thank you so much for your assistance with finding us an excellent instrument for our daughter. We are so excited to give it to her on Christmas morning and to the years ahead for all her oboe playing. Jolyn.” Georgia. December, 2016.

“Thank you for making this process so easy. David is thrilled with his horn, as is his private instructor, band director, and orchestra conductor. Amazing how many people can be made happy with one horn purchase. Thanks again and I wish you continued success with your business. Phil.” Alabama, December, 2016.

“Thank you Hannah!…. I must say that I am BEYOND impressed with your services! Brent has been phenomenal, and the quality of the instruments you sent is wonderful. Best regards, Alan.”  Washington, October, 2016.

“Thank you again for providing such great products and personal service! I recommend all of my students to you! Shawn.” Ohio, October, 2016.

“Dear Hannah,  Thank you so much for the extraordinary customer service you and Brent provided while I was looking for a new instrument.  While I have loved my Loree oboes which have been excellent for me, my need for a lighter weight instrument (due to a hand injury) brought me to you.  I was so pleased with the Yamaha 841 LT ‘Duet’ oboes that I received for trial, that I purchased two to replace my lovely Loree Royal instruments. The grenadilla oboe will be great in the full symphony orchestra and the Kingwood oboe will be perfect for chamber groups.  As a second oboe/English Horn player, I really appreciate the ease with which the oboes speak in the low register.   I was really impressed with your customer care and the presentation of the oboes when you send them out.   Thanks for accepting one of my Loree instruments for sale and I know you will find a good home and a lucky recipient for this lovely oboe.   Looking forward to working with you for other oboe related purchases on an ongoing basis.  I am very happy to be an ‘Oboe Fairy’ customer and will recommend your service without hesitation to colleagues.  Best Regards, Carol L.” New York, October, 2016.

“In the past week, I’ve become the proud owner of a brand new Yamaha Duet Oboe. It’s a gorgeous instrument and I’m elated to have finally found my voice. Special thanks to Brent Hages at Hannah’s Oboes for his expertise and assistance in this process! Noah.” Pennsylvania, October, 2016.

noah-duetNoah’s NEW Yamaha Duet 841LT Oboe

“Hi, Just wanted to let you know that my daughter texted me just now (during band!), and said she loves her new oboe! Her private teacher made her a special reed yesterday, so all is good! Thanks again.  Julie.” Indiana, October, 2016.

“It was a pleasure to work with Brent and Hannah to narrow down from so many lovely choices, to find the perfect first “professional” oboe for my son. Especially helpful was all of the advice and information they provided, since I was almost completely ignorant regarding all things Oboe, and since it is such a significant investment in itself, and in my son’s music. I really felt their desire to inform and assist, and benefited from both Brent’s and Hannah’s devotion to educating about oboes in the earnest effort to help a potential customer buy the best instrument for their style, skill level and budget. Should the opportunity arise, I will definitely recommend Hannah’s Oboes! Brian.” California, September, 2016.

“Hannah and Brent, Thank you so much for helping me find my oboe. I completely fell in love with the Howarth you sent me. I really appreciate how you have helped me through this whole process. This is honestly the best service I have received in regards to any sort of purchase. I will definitely recommend your business to my other double reed friends. Thank you so much again. Lauren.” Colorado, August, 2016.

“Hi Hannah and Brent,  Thank you for making my buying experience stress free, so simple and pleasant.  Both of you were so helpful and knowledgeable.  I feel very comfortable with my decision and know that I’m buying a quality oboe for Amanda.  She enjoys playing her oboe very very much.  Thank you very much, Tu.” Colorado, August, 2016.“Dear Hannah:  You have made another hit in Memphis! Again I’m very impressed with the fine selection of Oboes and incomparable customer Service Hannah’s Oboes has provided to yet another one of my young oboe students and his family. Daniel has selected the Yamaha as his instrument of choice… a good choice for him I believe. I was very pleased with the the other Oboes as well and really enjoyed the FOX. Thank you again for another positive experience (and the coffee treat) Friend, Philip.” Tennessee, July, 2016.

“Hannah – Thank you so much for working with us again, and for working with me to get some additional 241’s at a reduced cost – the kids and we really appreciate it!  Anecdote for you:  When we did the instrument selections, we had a very excited 6 year old, who listed Oboe as his top choice – and proclaimed to the world, “I’M GONNA BE AN OBOIST!”  Your ability to work with us to get instruments in the kids hands at a great price helps us influence their lives!  Thank you, Steven.” Florida, July, 2016.

“Dear Hannah’s Oboes,  Hello Hannah, Brent and Brian, On behalf of James and myself, I would like to say how very much we have appreciated working with you! Your customer service is incredibly amazing and you all have been very patient, kind understanding and knowledgeable with regards to our questions and going through this whole process of buying this oboe! I’m so very grateful that you all came to Georgia so that we were able to see you in person and purchase this oboe! It was an amazing experience from beginning to end! Well of course this is not the end! Because I’m sure at some point in the future James will want to buy another oboe so we will definitely be coming back to you!    I just wanted to say how very much I appreciated you working with us within our budget! And if you could please pass along a message to the seller that there is no one on Earth that will take better care of this oboe then James! It definitely DID go to a good home because of his incredible love and passion for music! James is incredibly talented and taught himself how to play the oboe! So I am sure with a phenomenal instrument such as this that he will be able to improve and expand on his current skills! If you could express our extreme gratitude to the seller for reducing the price so much that we could fit it within our price range I would greatly appreciate it! I just really want her to know that it was amazing and incredible and that James is VERY HAPPY with his oboe! And he will take amazing, wonderful, incredible care of it!   I just wanted to express again my extreme gratitude for everything that you have done, all of the communication that you answered, all of the questions that we had and especially at the convention yesterday helping us pick out the right oboe! You guys truly are amazing and really do care about your customers and helping them find the right oboe! It shows in everything that you’ve done and from the bottom of our hearts we are deeply grateful to you all! Hope you have safe travels back to Arizona! And again thank you for everything especially this wonderful oboe!! Sincerely, Lori and James.” Ohio, July, 2016.

“Dear Hannah, thank you again, it was a pleasure working with both you and Brent!  I’m not sure how else to explain it, but this oboe sings a truly magical song; she will mature into it and it will bring her (and her family) much joy!  Thank you so much for your patience and assistance with this oboe purchasing process. You were so very helpful and a pleasure to do business with. Thank you for your personal expertise and customer service. Sincerely, Kristina and Audrey.” South Carolina, July, 2016.

“Dear Hannah and Brent, after purchasing my Howarth XL I can say I have learned a lot of things. My horn is the best oboe around my city and many people have asked where I got it. Of course I now can proudly say I bought it from the oboe fairy and recommend people into your shop. The experience of you welcoming me into your shop was something I’ll never forget and I will cherish it. I’ve never seen someone who truly loves what they do more than anything and puts their whole heart into it. I was touched and inspired by both of you to do what I want in life instead of what others want. There will be no other place I can even think of to recommend others to than yours when looking for a new instrument. Thank you for the opportunities and opening my eyes to the love that can be shared through anything you do. Nicholas.” New Mexico, June, 2016.

“Hannah and Brent: Another successful sale! I’ll keep the Ross EH machine. Thank you again for being one of the most reliable and comprehensive oboe shops around! Up to date, you have helped me: sell an oboe profiler (this may have been one of the first items sold on the used equipment page), sell one oboe, sell an English horn, two oboes bought from you (one for me and one for a colleague-both of these oboes happen to be in the same shipment), bought a Ross oboe gouging machine, bought a Hiniker EH bocal, and now the Ross EH Gouging machine. You guys definitely have a loyal customer! Kindest Regards, Brian.” Texas, April, 2016.

“Thank you Brent and hannah, for your help in finding Nicholas a fabulous oboe! Regards, Wendy.” Texas, April, 2016.

“Brent, Thank you for all your help. Our oboe teacher steered us in the right direction when she sent us to the Oboe Fairy! I really appreciate the attention to detail and the obvious concern for customer satisfaction. Sincerely, Karen.” California, March, 2016.

“Dear Oboe Fairy, Thank you so much for the oboes! I really enjoyed playing all of them, and I’m glad to say the Howarth was the best. A.R.” New York, March, 2016.

“Hannah, I want to thank both you and Brent for all your assistance and the four lovely oboes you sent us.   Sarah, with Anne’s blessing, has decided on the Loree QN20.  Looking back at our original request, the QN20 was not one of the four we had originally requested.  In addition, it was also the one oboe marked “on sale” on the paperwork.  In light of that I really do need to say thank you once again.  This entire experience has been a delight. Lori.” Connecticut, February, 2016.

“Dear Hannah and Brent,  Thank you so much for the trial of the 4 oboes. It was a special Christmas treat that they arrived Christmas Eve. So much care and attention went into the packing of each instrument, it felt like luxury concierge service as we went through each instrument. I would highly recommend you to anyone searching for the highest quality instrument with the highest level of customer service.     After play testing all 4 oboes, I have found a perfect match for me. The Yamaha 841 was the clear winner and I could not be more pleased. It is an amazing instrument with great response, a lovely warm tone, and rock solid intonation. Having played a Loree for years, I was very surprised that there was just no comparison between the two. The Covey was a great oboe, but the Yamaha just outplayed it for me. The Cabart stood up for itself and was comparable to the Loree. I felt the Loree company’s design and feel. It is a great oboe too, but in the end, I kept coming back to the Yamaha. I just wanted to play more and I felt a gentle challenge to play better.   This whole experience has far surpassed my wildest dreams and expectations. I will be repacking the 3 oboes to return to you and will enclose a check for the purchase of the Yamaha 841 when the FedEx drop off location is available on Monday.  Once again, thank you so much! You have a customer for life in me.    Best wishes, Julie.” Tennessee, December 2015.

“Hi Hannah!  Thank you for  being the ultimate, go-to-oboe-guru!  I’m so appreciative of you finding new homes for my oboes, English horn, gouging machine, and profiler as my musical needs evolved.  I’m also amazed that I can tell you what I’m looking for and magically, numerous instruments (and most recently, English horn bocals) will show up on my doorstep which ALL fit the bill.  You are truly a gem to the oboe community and I look forward to many more opportunities to work with you in the future.  Once again, a very heartfelt “thank you”!  Brian Briones, freelance woodwind doubler/instructor; flutes/double reeds, “Miss Saigon” North American Tour; oboist, Texas Medical Center Orchestra.” December, 2015.

“Dear Hannah,  Thanks, yet again, for the terrific batch of oboes that you sent out on trial to (my student) Alecia. Every time my private and PSU students have shopped with you, I am impressed and amazed by the selection you offer, the reasonable pricing, and how exquisitely they are already set up when they arrive. It’s really fun to work with the students as they fall in love with the oboe they’re about to buy. I give a little guidance, and certainly my opinion, but each time I feel they’ve gotten the oboe that’s right for them. And thanks for the “oboe fairy blend” coffee. I’m drinking it now, and perhaps you put something in it, because suddenly vicarious oboe shopping through my students is not enough!  Karen.” Oregon, November, 2015.

“Thank you, Hannah and Brent! The English Horn performed perfectly for Keenan’s concert. Gigi.” Texas, November, 2015.

“Hi Hannah,  I just wanted to thank you for selling me my beautiful CB71 series Loree oboe. I really appreciated that you sent an oboe that was truly in pristine condition! My oboe sounded beautiful and was in perfect adjustment. It was so nice to receive the extra gifts that you sent along with the oboe too! Also, your assistant Brent was very helpful when I asked him questions about various instruments. I am so happy that I waited and bought my oboe from you! Mary Anne.” New York, November, 2015.

“Thanks, Hannah.  I hope we can do business in the future when he has to upgrade to a truly grand oboe.  This has been a wonderful experience, made so easy by your helpfulness. Judy.” Florida, September, 2015

“Hannah, Thanks for letting me try these oboes! They both played wonderfully. I can’t wait to play my new Yamaha in concert. Thanks for the great customer service!  Dallas.” South Dakota, September, 2015.

“Hannah, Thank you so much for providing good information and a wonderful instrument!  Maybe I will have to upgrade my oboe to a Monnig in a few months….  I enjoyed working with you and would recommend you without reservation to anyone looking for an instrument.  You made trying instruments such a treat.  I really appreciate all the extra care you took and the extra goodies too!  Thank you! Kristin.” Oregon, September, 2015.

“Dear Oboe Fairy, I really enjoyed this whole process. This made finding a good oboe very simple. I love the reed water cups and coffee, it was a very pleasant surprise. All three oboes were in fantastic condition. It was refreshing to see them cared for. I hold your services in high respect. I love my new oboe! I can’s wait to spend the coming years finding out how far I can take it. I will be playing it for auditions for the Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony. Thank you and I will be sure to mention this to others. Emily.” Ohio, September, 2015.

“Dorothy had her first lesson today!  She has assigned practices everyday. I was walking downstairs and noticed she had kicked off her shoes and while soaking her reed, I snapped a picture. Dorothy loves the oboe and the teacher is very pleased with the oboe and with your upgrade feature, she would like your contact information if that is okay with you, I will pass it along. When Dorothy comes home and doesn’t change first then you know that she is excited with the new discovery. Thanks again Hannah, without finding you I wouldn’t be smiling.  All My Best, Lorraine.”  (Dorothy’s first lesson).

“Hannah, Received the oboe, and it is absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much again. Love the coffee and the shot glass. We’ll use the shot glass during the evening while she’s practicing, then the coffee in the morning. Lol. It smells wonderful!  I absolutely love coffee. Can’t wait till Dorothy comes home from school and sees it. She’ll be so honored. You have exceeded my expectations more than I can say. Once again you are a blessing. I will send you a picture of Dorothy as promised. Thank you so much again. Sincerely, Lorraine.” Illinois, September, 2015. (The oboe has arrived at Dorothy’s home for evaluation.)

“Hannah, I wanted to thank you so much for helping my students find oboes. You’re the first, and only, person I suggest when anyone is interested in purchasing. Always appreciative of you. Many thanks and I’m sure I’ll see you soon! Caryn.” Arizona, August, 2015.

“Hannah, Thank you so much for your help in getting Alex her oboe!! It was such an easy process and you were such a pleasure to deal with. 🙂 Take care, Michelle and Alex.” Washington State, August, 2015.

“Hannah, My son is thrilled to have such a beautiful instrument and is excited to acclimate it and begin practicing for the upcoming school year. It was very helpful to have the opportunity to evaluate so many quality instruments in a “head-to-head” fashion. I appreciate the expertise and assistance on your part to select and ship these instruments to us for trial. I will happily recommend your company (you!) to anyone looking for an oboe for their student.  Joanne.” Ohio, July, 2015.

“Hannah, Thank you for your recommendations and the ease of the whole transaction.  Hannah is VERY happy with our purchase and we will not hesitate to recommend you or contact you for any future needs! -Kelly.” Connecticut, June, 2015.

“Hannah, I’ve decided to keep the Howarth.  It’s nice and free blowing, plays well and in-tune in all registers, and the key-work is very comfortable to me. Thanks again for all that you do.  You’re a great resource for all of us to have.  Jason.” Arkansas, June, 2015.

“Hannah, Thank you so much for all your help and of course for the fantastic oboe!  It is beautiful and I look forward to many years of wonderful playing with it! ~Jessica.” Washington, June, 2015.

“Dear Hannah – Thank you so much for such a wonderful shopping experience! And thank you for all the goodies! Sincerely, Shannon & Maguire.” Oklahoma, May, 2015.

“Dear Oboe Fairy, Thank you very much for finding the oboe. I was surprised by how fast and smooth the process went. I am exuberant I ended up with a Fox 330! The oboe works excellently and will be nice to play in an upcoming Newport Area Community Orchestra concert as well as a school band concert. I can’t wait to go to my oboe lesson and learn what to do with all of the extra keys (it’s good to have the low Bb). Many thanks, Friedrich.” Vermont, May, 2015.

“Hannah, Thanks so much for everything that you do. I think she is my fourth or fifth kid to get an oboe from you, and it’s always a wonderful experience for them to get to try out multiple instruments. 🙂  -Leslie.” New Jersey, May, 2015.“Hi Hannah, sorry for not emailing you sooner, this past month has been very chaotic and I haven’t had very much time to myself (I’m actually sending this at the intermission of my last concert). Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for me and my mom and I can’t express how grateful I am to have you helping us along the way.  Thank you for being an amazing person. –Ivan.” Texas, May, 2015.“Thank you so much Hannah!  Liz has played nonstop since we got the oboe.  She says she is in love. Thank you for what you do! Janea.” Colorado, April, 2015.“Hannah, Since I see from your website that you sell oboes, English horns and clarinets, we will certainly refer our acquaintances to you for these instruments because this has been such a positive and pleasant experience. Thanks again for all your help. Be well. Alex.” Colorado, April, 2015.P.S. The way you arranged the shipping made it so easy to pack up the box and send it back to you. Also, thank you for covering the shipping insurance. It really helped eased my concerns about properly and expediently returning your inventory to you.”“Hannah, The Eagle has landed! and at one point while looking through the goodie bag and materials I heard Kevin say, “This is the best day of my life!” Awesome lesson in customer service :). Mike.” Colorado, April, 2015.“Hannah, This trial was such a pleasant experience. Your communication, attention to details, packaging, helpfulness, everything was so conducive for a stress free experience. Thank you so much for this opportunity! -Taiki. ” North Carolina, March, 2015.“Hannah, Thank you. Best purchasing experience, ever! So excited to finally have an English horn of my very own! -Kate.” New Mexico, March, 2015.“Dear Hannah, We would like to Thank You for your services in choosing an oboe. Sarah is very happy and excited to play her Patricola Oboe. We also thank you for the accessories included with our purchase. Mr. Anderson highly recommended you. He’s had two other students he teaches purchase an oboe through you. We in turn will highly recommend you as well. Thank you again, Sherrie.” California, February, 2015.“Hannah, They chose the Yamaha and they both love it! It sounds so much better than her student oboe!….It was a great experience and we are very happy with your service.  THANK YOU!!!!! Kim.” Washington, January, 2015.“Thank you so much Hannah!  Emma is thrilled and we all love the sound of her new oboe! She will enjoy it for many years to come! Best regards! Anne-Marie.” Washington, January, 2015.This is a note I received from one of my clients after they purchased an inferior oboe through Ebay.  The family’s oboe instructor’s note follows….“Hi Kim, Well, I’m sad to say this Ebay oboe is a nightmare.  It has a bent rod so several keys won’t open.  The pads look great, but the key work is in bad shape.  I’m so sorry I recommended this to you.  In working order this should have been fine.      I have another recommendation.  I have worked for years with a lady named Hannah Selznick in Arizona who has gotten great instruments for 7 or 8 of my students.  She is an oboist herself and nothing leaves her shop until it plays well.  She asks what your price range is, then she sends you four oboes to try so you know what you are buying before you spend the money.  She is impeccably honest.  I will be buying an English Horn from her in the spring.  Whatever her recommendations are would be the best too choose from.  There are a few brands she refuses to sell because of shoddy construction.  Her website is www.hannahsoboes.com and she carries everything from student to ultra pro oboes. Bruce.” Washington, January, 2015.“Dear Hannah: A HUGE Thank YOU for all you have done! Rest assured that if we would EVER come across another soul who is looking to sell an oboe, we will send him/her RIGHT to you!  We also are grateful it sold quickly–especially in this economy! George and Donna.” Pennsylvania, January, 2015.“Hannah, Oh, my!  She was so excited with each one.  Decided immediately that the key work of  the Fossati felt closer together than the others to her hands.    And by Saturday, decided the main reason she liked the Fox was because it was full conservatory.  So, then there were 2.  This afternoon, as she went through the all-region scales and exercises several times, with the Yamaha, then the Howarth, her Grandfather yelled out from another room, “I like the sound of the last horn best!” And, so the Howarth was decided upon. He seldom voices his opinion, so when he does, it carries great weight.  And I agree. The tone sounded softer and full at the same time and she had picked it as her favorite when she first played each of them before looking at all the details you sent about each of them and playing them daily.  Roxee is preparing a video to share with you. This has been a neat experience.  And there is such an obvious improvement from the Selmer.  No one in the family could deny that. So, again, thank you. Betty.”  Arkansas, January, 2015.“Hannah, Thanks so much.  We were very impressed with the quality of the instruments and all the work you do to make trying them a pleasant experience. Lanie.” Colorado, December, 2014.“Hannah, Thanks so much for everything, and particularly for making this process so user-friendly and unstressful! It has been a real pleasure doing business with you, and Darien is tickled pink about his new instrument (he got it just in time for his band concert this week, so he’s very happy about that, as well). Best wishes, Alyssa.” Indiana, December, 2014.“Hi Hannah, Thank you very much for the excellent service. Riley is elated and cannot put down her new oboe. Riley had her private lesson with John on Monday night and he went through all the oboes and thought the Fossati wood oboe had the best sound. I am happy to report that Riley is on cloud 9. She absolutely loves her oboe and practices as least 2 hours a day. On Wednesday night during her symphony practice she was asked to play oboe one. She was so proud, not that she did perfect as she is still getting use to all of the keys but her sound was so much better. She also loved the goodie bag. The metal attachment for the plastic cup for the reeds was a huge hit as she has spelt that cup over many times during practice. Thank you again, Mary and Riley.” California, December, 2014.“Hannah, Chloe LOVES the oboe. Her teacher was also very impressed with the condition of the oboe. I also wanted to thank you for all of the extras you included. Donna.” Idaho, November, 2014.“Hannah, What a great process! Thanks for sending us the 4 oboes to try. I never dreamed that there would be so much difference in the way the oboes played for Olivia. She picked the Howarth S20C “VT” and she sounded great on it. Also, I wanted to mention that Olivia absolutely loved all the extras you included. The custom made reed was a hit and all the oboe fairy goodies were delightful and greatly appreciated. Thank you so very much. Ginger.” Missouri, November, 2014.“Dear Hannah, It has been a pleasure working with you to determine the best working oboe for my son. He has so much excitement for the new experience of playing this amazing instrument.  He is enjoying making music on his new oboe and finds the note sheets you provided to be very helpful.  Sincerely, Elaine.” Maryland, October, 2014.“Dear Hannah, I hope you are doing fine. It has been two weeks since one of the most incredible things happened to me. Before I express my gratitude, I would like to say that getting an oboe has not only been my dream, but my parents’ and whole family! They send you their most sincere appreciation.Secondly, I want to say that every time I open my oboe case, I just feel so grateful and excited to see how dreams can come true and how there is hope for those who believe in them. This has been an incentive to keep persuing my dreams and not to give up in this adventure of being an oboe player.From the bottom of my heart and with my most sincere appreciation, I want to say thank you so much Hannah! Thank you for being such an important part for the realization of this dream. Thank you so much for not neglecting the opportunity to help me and being part of those wonderful people who had showed me the beauty of helping others to reach their dreams. With deepest gratitude, Zully Casallas.” Originally from Colombia, now studying in the US, October, 2014. (full name given by request).“Hannah, We received the check. Thank you very much. We were very pleased with all of our transactions with you. We are so very thankful we learned about you and that you were able to help us Thank you again. Peggy.” Kansas, October, 2014.“Hannah, Thank you so much for your help selling Tristan’s oboe. The check arrived yesterday and I will deposit it today. I will be passing your information to a friend whose daughter has just chosen to take up oboe. She has a basic rental now but if she continues, I told her you would be an excellent resource for oboes when they decide to purchase. It was a pleasure to do business with you – thank you for everything- a great price, a reasonable commission, and a fast sale. Who could ask for more. Kathryn.” Washington, September, 2014.“Thanks twice again for helping my young ladies get paired off with nice oboes!  The OC is a perfect fit for Brooke and the Fox 330 will serve Lexi for many years I’m sure.  The one that blew the nicest for me in Lexi’s batch was the wooden 441 but she liked the response of the 330 better.  In Brooke’s batch I was also quite impressed with the G series Loree.  Though not as thick and dark as a more recent instrument, it is a nice piece of wood and sings very well 🙂  I think we may need to upgrade you from “fairy” to “sorceress”! -Steve.” Texas, September, 2014.“Hello Hannah.  I am writing to tell you how happy I remain with the oboe you recommended that I purchase last year – a 1968 Strasser. It is a truly a wonderful instrument and my teachers, George Corbett and Michael Dressler, think that I made an excellent choice. As you may recall, I last played oboe in 1972 at Virginia Tech before finding you and George.  Did you know that another of your customers who also studies with George, Davey V.B., is currently touring with the National Youth Orchestra? I’m confident he will be with a major symphony one day! I hope you have the opportunity to see him at the IDRS meeting.  Once again, thank you so much for your guidance and expertise. Wish me luck with removing 42 years of rust!  Sincerely, Garland.” Virginia, September, 2014.

“Hannah, I am very impressed with how you conduct business…providing the return label, covering the insurance, acting promptly. We would definitely recommend you to others and continue doing business with you ourselves. We also look forward to meeting you at the oboe event in September at the University of Northern Colorado Oboe Day! Janet.” Colorado, July, 2014.

“Hi Hannah!  I finally chose the Yamaha 831 and I absolutely love it!  Thank you so much for all of your help!  When we first decided to buy an oboe I felt overwhelmed by all of the choices and information on the internet, but you made the process very easy (plus I loved the accessories that the oboes came with!).  Thank you again for making the process fun and worry-free!  Sincerely,  Katie.”  Connecticut, July, 2014.

“Hallo Hannah It’s here! And it’s LOVELY. Thank you so much. It was beautifully packed, and you very kindly sent me a duster, a water pot and a pad of drying papers, all with your beautiful logo on. I am very fond of the Flower Fairies books and paintings by Cicely May Barker and your trade mark looks as if it’s closely related. The reed responded straight away. Thank you for that, too.

I am sincerely grateful for your help in this transaction. Best regards, Janet” Great Britain, July, 2014. (Janet purchased the first bass oboe I have ever sold! It was so big, I had to sit on a high chair to play it).

“Hannah, I wanted to thank you for everything. Having no experience with music and let alone an instrument purchase, this journey to find an oboe for my daughter was sure to be a daunting one. I made quite a few inquiries and phone calls prior to speaking with you. By far you made me feel most comfortable. You kindly shipped the oboes to my daughter’s professor, allowing Darby and her teacher to pick the RIGHT one. Very, very easy process and I am happy to say that I have no concerns or reservations in making a large purchase such as this. I have been touched by the Oboe Fairy! Thanks. Ralph.” Rhode Island, July, 2014.

“Hannah, Thank you for providing a wonderful selection of oboes to choose from. I am SO happy and excited to be the proud owner of a rosewood Loree. 🙂 I look forward to sending business your way in the future. Sincerely, Sarah.” Tennessee, June, 2014.

“Hannah, I’m so excited to tell you that my Sarah has selected her oboe from you. She and her teacher both selected the same one blindly, and they both just absolutely love it. They picked PP47 the 2004/05 Royal. Sarah has already named her new oboe Elyse. Thank you so much for your service. It really is impeccable. Your extras and the details really make oboe shopping a great experience. I appreciate you including the different ages and price points and Royal and C+3 for her to sample and feel/hear the differences. It was very educational and meaningful for her. Thank you again. We’re your biggest fans! Michell.” Florida, June, 2014.

“Hi Mrs. Selznick, I wanted to write you a quick note to let you know that I will be attending Oberlin Conservatory to study with Robert Walters, solo English horn of the Cleveland Orchestra! Thank you again for my beautiful oboe! I was so blessed to have such a wonderful instrument from a young age, and I am extremely grateful for the work you do as the Oboe Fairy. I would love to stay in touch with you as my musical journey begins! Regards.Davey.” Virginia, June, 2014.

“Thank-you Hannah! I love the oboe and I’m very impressed with your business.Thank you so much for your quick responses to my questions. I can tell you really care about your business and am very impressed with the quality of the instruments. Take Care! Becky.” Ohio, June, 2014.

“Hi Hannah!  We were very impressed by all 3 oboes.  Emily took to the Loree the first time she played it.  I thought that was going to be the one. She tried the Fox and the Patricola and they sounded great also but she decided on the Loree.  Emily’s oboe teacher was also quite impressed with what nice condition they are in.   Thank you!” Molly, Florida, June, 2014.

“Good afternoon Hannah. I cannot tell you what a pleasure it has been communicating with you and having your expertise. Skylar waited with anticipation for the box to arrive and was in awe with each oboe. I have never seen him so happy. He is so excited about his new oboe. Have a great Day! Thank You.” Michelle, Florida, April, 2014.

“Hannah, I can’t thank you enough!  Julian just had his first lesson today and he did great!  He got a sound right away and now plays 4 notes.  His teacher actually knows you and refers students to you when they get more advanced (for serious oboes), but I told him you were wonderful for getting a beginner set up too.  Anyway, our teacher spoke very highly of you!  His name is Shane…So, we are very happy with our oboe and Shane approved of it and played some beautiful music on it! Thanks.” Lisa, New York, March 2014.

“Hannah truly is the Oboe Fairy. I recently decided to start playing again and contacted her. She responded promptly with a list of what she had available and explained the loaner process. Luckily for me, I was going to Phoenix and was able to visit her studio and try about 20 different oboes before selecting my Loree. Hannah was very flexible with scheduling and supportive in the selection process. I highly recommend taking a trip to see her if you are interested in buying a new or used professional quality oboe.” Adam, Louisiana, March, 2014.

“Hannah (and Nik!). Thanks so much for your help, advice, and guidance through this fun, yet arduous process. Your insight and advice have been so helpful. When I sent the horn back from my first trial, I was sad to do so, but still had several more instruments I wanted to test. The more instruments I tested, the quicker I realized how versatile the Marigaux was! I kept telling myself that when I made the decision, if the Altuglass was still available, it was fate and meant to be mine. Based on the events–we know that to be the case! I cannot express my gratitude enough! I am so excited to play it each time I get it out. Thank you for everything!!” Shawn, Ohio, March, 2014.

“Hello Hannah, It is a great pleasure talking to you and getting to try oboes from you. All the oboes you provided have such a high quality. We are so impressed. And the prices are very reasonable. We are so blessed to get help from you. And Helen loves the Howarth oboe so much. She practiced it with more diligence. We wish you and your business the best!”Dongbin, Colorado, March, 2014.

“I was looking for an upgrade oboe for my daughter in high school. Her oboe teacher suggested giving Hannah a call. From the very beginning, Hannah put me completely at ease with searching for and buying an oboe. Buying a professional instrument is always a daunting task, especially when trying to find a quality used one. Hannah is extremely professional, responsive and prompt, she also has great knowledge of all her oboes. Each oboe is explained in detail and given great care throughout the entire process. The accessories included with each instrument are carefully thought out. Hannah’s attention to detail goes above and beyond. Her policy of letting prospective students try the oboes for a week makes all the difference because I was able to have my daughter select the right instrument with her teacher, making me confident that we bought the right one.  Buying an oboe with Hannah’s guidance and care has been the BEST experience ever! Thank you so much Hannah. My daughter LOVES her “new” oboe!” Best, Kate. California, March, 2014.

Davey“Dear Hannah, I was accepted into the National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America!! I was one of four high school oboists from the entire country to be selected. We sent in a recorded audition in November and they released the results today. The orchestra will be touring the USA this summer and performing at Tanglewood, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, the Grand Teton Music Festival, and Carnegie Hall to name a few places. I thought you would like to hear the good news!  I want to thank you again for my beautiful Yamaha 841T Custom oboe, it has served me so well through high school and now beyond. I had a lesson with Richard Killmer at Eastman this past fall and I was the first student he has worked with that plays on a Yamaha. He said it was a fabulous instrument and couldn’t compliment it enough!  I was disappointed I wasn’t able to attend the IDRS conference this past summer, but I am planning on coming this year. I hope to see you there!”-Regards, Davey. Virginia, February, 2014.  DAVEY, YES! PLEASE VISIT HANNAHSOBOES AT THE IDRS CONVENTION, NEW YORK CITY, AUGUST 5-9, 2014. LOVE TO SEE YOU.

Olivia Spangler“Thank you, Hannah for my new Loree oboe! It is so much better than my previously rented school-owned oboe! I absolutely love it and cannot wait to use it in my upcoming auditions! Thank you!! Olivia (From Olivia’s mom: Hannah was a true joy to work with from start to finish! I spent hours on the internet and phone talking to oboe teachers, symphony professionals, shop owners and researched our purchase extensively. From the moment Hannah answered my call, I knew we would find the perfect instrument for our daughter. We took 4 oboes on a 7 day trial and took them to two different sources that had all good things to say! After purchasing the instrument we chose, we still paid to have it looked over and fine tuned to gear up for an All East Audition and several upcoming college auditions. The technician we went to raved about our purchase and didn’t have to do much at all! I can not say Thank You enough and how pleased we are!!” -Pam, Tennessee, January, 2014.

“Hannah, My teacher really liked the instrument and I’m excited to play it. I also wanted to tell you that I have really enjoyed working with you to buy my instruments. Your instruments have been consistently better than others I’ve had on trial, both in condition and presentation. Having instruments in good playing condition is crucial and while the cleanliness of the case doesn’t really matter when buying an instrument, it certainly does make the whole experience more enjoyable when it looks as though the instrument has been taken care of. I appreciate you taking the effort with all these things. I will definitely recommend you to others looking to buy instruments in the oboe family.”-Julie, New York, January, 2014.

Jonathan Marzluf photo in pixels“Dear Hannah, I wish to express my most sincere thanks to you for the service that you provide to the oboe community. Buying and selling used oboes in good shape at a fair price and from a trusted source has been made so much easier, thanks to you. Also, the “little extras” that you provide, including accessories and overall presentation of the instruments, is much appreciated. You really know how to make a young oboist feel special!” -Jonathan D. Marzluf, Freelance oboist, oboe instructor, repairman, reed-maker, and Applied Music Faculty at Concordia University, Irvine, CA. November, 2013.

Audrey“Hannah, Audrey attends the school of the arts in 7th grade; she plays Oboe every day except for Sundays; she is in symphonic band as well as concert band; she plays in the State Youth Symphony Orchestra and will be joining all state competition; she is taught by the professor of oboe at the state college. Dynamics in Audrey’s playing were advancing and we needed a full conservatory oboe and wasn’t sure where to turn for reliability, honesty, knowledge and care. As luck would have it, my husband found Hannah’s oboes on the Internet. It was as if heaven dropped an angel right in front of us. I called Hannah and her warm voice answered right away! We ordered up three beautiful oboes for trial. We were going to just order one but Hannah suggested with her knowledge, another, so we could benefit from finding the right fit for Audrey. She was so right! Though they came from Arizona to a colder state in the winter months, that had no bearing or issue, we waited about 4 hours as suggested to get them to room temperature before she played them. The sound was lovely on each oboe. They came perfectly cared for with a lot of accessories, fingering charts and ready to play! We only needed water, they were wrapped in pretty red décor and oboe fairy trademarks on the folder with all her paperwork and tag items.  My 13 year old daughter was so excited. We knew what we needed to invest as we hoped for a new one even though she sent us a gorgeous Fox used oboe in perfect condition, but the prices were great, and extremely fair. We could not find prices comparable anywhere! My daughter chose the Fosatti Tiery Paris full conservatory as Hannah suggested. It was as if Hannah knew what she needed best. Audrey’s oboe Professor had told us at first before we ordered that he wasn’t sure about a Fosatti but when we brought the three for review he really liked it and the Fox model. Ultimately it was Audrey’s decision under her professor’s advisement, and she chose the Fosatti! In dealing with oboe knowledge, kindness in customer service, value and quality of instruments we will go to Hannah’s oboes every time! Hannah was in contact with us in the whole process and basically it took less than a week! We ordered for trial, they arrived within 3 business days, Audrey let them sit to room temperature, Gave them practice, took to her professor for his opinion, she chose her instrument then we mailed back with our prepaid label to Fed ex and oboe payment. All we did was pay for shipping costs. We trusted out instincts and are so happy we did. We of course rented two instruments in the past locally and they were complete nightmares. You cannot find too many repairmen who give the proper care to the instruments especially when renting from a chain establishment, just my humble opinion. Audrey owns a 42 year old oboe student model which we purchased from a gentleman who actually bought it from her professor. It was his first teaching oboe believe it or not! Small wonder, small world. The oboe world is a unique one and when making an important purchase such as this, you want to get the best. Hannah provides just that, the best in customer service, quality and knowledge. Thank you for your mission Hannah! You’re an Angel from heaven!” -Marcie, Delaware, December, 2013,

Taylor-at-Carnegie-Hall-2013-smHannah Selznick is a real treasure in the world of music, a person who conducts her business impeccably in the service of music. Because of her excellent trial policy and her attention to what we were looking for in both price and quality, our son, Taylor, was able to try five different oboes (in two shipments) before setting on a beautiful 2006 Loree Royal AK. Each of the oboes he auditioned was in superb condition and had great qualities, but the ’06 Loree Royal AK was Taylor’s final choice. Taylor and his instructor, Dr.Terry Keevil, were impressed with the exceptionally rich tone of this instrument throughout its entire range, its quick and agile responsiveness and its broad spectrum of expressiveness. We were all impressed with the full collection of accessories and documents included with the oboe. Those items alone are probably worth a couple hundred dollars in value and time if we were to seek them out ourselves!

Taylor is 16 years old and is the principal oboist with the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra (MYO). He is also extremely active in his school music program and other local music activities including Dr. Keevil’s improvisation workshops at Stony Brook University and the Long Island Composers’ Alliance. Hannah’s exceptional 24/7 support of the process of auditioning and purchasing this beautiful instrument will allow Taylor to grow even more in his musicianship. Thank you, Hannah, for a superior experience!”

-Douglas, Debbie and Taylor. May, 2013, New York

……….UPDATE ON TAYLOR’S OBOE ACHIEVEMENTS…….“Hannah, You were a pleasure to deal with, and the oboe continues to be one of the best investments we’ve ever made. Taylor is now principal oboist in the Suffolk Metropolitan Youth Orchestra, by the way, and will be doing another performance at Carnegie Hall in May of 2014. He also landed his first paying gig this past summer, playing in the pit orchestra for a local production of “Les Miserables.” He even tackled all the English Horn lines, transposing them all himself.” -Douglas, November, 2013, Long Island, NY.

“Hannah, Thank you so much for letting me try out all of the oboes! I decided on the Fossati, and am so happy; it’s much better than the oboe I was playing on before. Thank you again; the oboe fairy’s magic has worked!” -Brigid, November, 2013, Virginia.

“Dear Hannah, Thank you again for your help in getting the oboe for Kendall. She loves it. She also loves the reed and other goodies that you sent. She thinks it’s cool to have the “Oboe Fairy” logo on everything. Thank  you again for everything.” -Gail. September, 2013, Tennessee.

“Dear Hannah, We are very pleased with the oboe we purchased from you. Kayla and her instructor, Diana, have been working very diligently on her lessons and have made very nice progress. That definitely would not have been possible on the oboe Kayla borrowed from her school! We are impressed with the quality of the oboe and are very happy with the ease at which Kayla plays. If we hear of anyone looking for a quality oboe in the future, we will be sure to mention your name. Thank you so much for all of your help and service. We do not know that much about oboes, but your trial policy made it much easier for us, with Diana’s help, to choose which oboe to purchase. Thank you again and have a very Blessed Day!” – Keith, Joanne and Kayla. August, 2013, Alabama.

“Hannah completely exceeded my expectations in all aspects of the consignment process. She was great with communication, offered helpful suggestions, and I was extremely impressed with the speed at which she was able to secure the sale of my oboe. I would highly recommend her services, she was a pleasure to work with.”

-Heather, Massachusetts, April, 2013

“Dear Hannah, Thank you so much for all the help you gave me in finding a new oboe. It’s so hard to find a quality oboe for a decent price and you made it so much easier. I hope I can go on to be as amazing of an oboist as you, as my passion grows more everyday. I love the rich sound of my new Loree and I look forward to practicing more than ever. I wish you and your business the best of luck!.”- Margot, Arizona, March, 2013

“Hello Hannah, I apologize I had not contacted you after the purchase of my AK Loree last year, but I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest thanks to you. You made buying an excellent instrument affordable, and that has provided a great boost to my playing overall. I just learned the other week I was accepted to CCM, and I plan on studying there next year with Dr. Ostoich. I will most assuredly look to you in the future for my oboe needs! Thanks again. Best wishes, Shawn.”

– Shawn, Tennessee, March, 2013

From the consignment owner: “Hannah, I enjoyed the note from the buyer, just the sort of professional I hoped would get the horn. His evaluation was spot-on to my own assessment of that Oboe. Great job, fast execution, good pricing, very professional service. You are on my list of very valuable business associates. I’ll share with my other Oboe pro’s, our story, along with my other experience with dealers in the oboe broker biz. Your copy of the check, and invoices, totally satisfies me that the accounting is fair and accurate. Thanks so very much.”– Timothy, Maryland, March, 2013

From the buyer: “Hannah, thank you so much for sending me the four oboes to try. I was very impressed with the quality of the oboes and the accessories. The packaging and presentation of the oboes was exceptional and showed great attention to detail. I really enjoyed hearing the differences between the oboes. I played quite a lot on all of the oboes and decided to buy the Loree AK oboe. I was able to easily control the dynamics and it had a beautiful center of sound. I teach private oboe lessors for students at a local middle school and high school, and I have passed your information on to my students so some day, when and their parents decide to buy an oboe, they will be able to contact you. Thank you for making this experience so enjoyable and easy. “- Anthony, Mississippi, March, 2013.

“Hannah – A very happy Rachel went off to school today with her beautiful oboe! She loves the look of it, the feel of it, the quality of it, the extra keys, the cork covers, the feather, the reed, the case, the case cover, the cleaning cloth, the cork grease, AND the ease of playing! She said it is the nicest oboe she has ever played, and it is much easier to play than the one she was using – Selmer (or the other one we were borrowing – a 1960’s Normandy). She has struggled so much all these years just because we could not afford to get her a new oboe. Thanks again for all your help.”- Karen, Illinois, February, 2013.

“Hi Hannah! This is Amber from Ohio! We just received the two oboes you sent us today! “I have played them both and I can already tell that I am going to have a hard time choosing between the two. I’ve been playing on my high school’s old plastic oboe that is about 2 inches shorter than any normal oboe and it is missing the left F key and a low Bb key. Let’s just say it’s not easy to prove your talent when you are playing on a kazoo. It was so nice of you to send us these for me to play for my Ensemble performances. I am going to take the Yamaha to play there. I will be sure to take extra precautions when using it and even when not using it. …Thank you for everything! We have been looking for so long and it has just been so frustrating. Hopefully, we won’t have to do any more searching after this! Once again, thank you!!”– Amber, Ohio, February, 2013

Hi again! It’s Amber!

We have made a decision on the oboes, and we are going to keep the Yamaha. Its tone is so nice compared to the previous oboes that I have played. At the Solo & Ensemble event, our Class C Trio got a 2 (Excellent) and our Class B Quintet got a 1 (Superior). The Quintet is made up of all upper-classmen besides myself (I’m a Freshman) and they are all in our school’s Wind Ensemble. They’re amazing and I was afraid I would be held back because I had such a bad sounding instrument. But I am absolutely convinced that I played the best that I ever have before because of the Yamaha. My band director even agreed. Thank you so much! Since we have decided to keep the Yamaha, all the accessories (the reed case, cloth, cork grease, etc.) are mine to keep, correct? That was very kind, also! Thank you so much. I am so happy I can FINALLY call an instrument mine!”- Amber, Ohio. February, 2013

“Hannah, Thank you so much for all your effort in helping me pick a new (to me) oboe. I know it will take me far; I can see in my teacher’s eyes that it truly is a special oboe. I absolutely love all the little accessories that came with the QI60 Loree oboe. To me, a humidifier is a much better use for the ‘reed case’ area. I’d be happy to give your name and info to anyone who is looking for an oboe of great quality.”-Stephanie, New Hampshire, January, 2013

“Dear Hannah, the Fox 450 I bought from you is one beautiful instrument. I wanted a “backup” for my Covey. Your Fox is my primary oboe. I love it in all respects. I love the sound, and I like the position of the keys. They feel more accessible than what I had been used to. I just want and need you to know how happy I am with your oboe. You are a gift, Hannah!”- Bill, New York. January, 2013

“Hello Hannah, at last, the oboe got here today. Teresa is delighted with it, and is trying to get some sound out of it. I guess it is a question of time and dedication. I am very glad we contacted you as I was absolutely lost when I first wrote you. I hope the New Year brings you and yours all the best.”– Paloma, Spain, December, 2012

“Hannah, Thank you for the wonderful service and assistance in the search for Andrew’s new oboe. He is thrilled with his new instrument.”– Bruce and MaryAnn, Rhode Island, December, 2012

“Hannah, We just wanted to thank you for your help in finding the perfect oboe for my son Connor. You have made our Christmas special this year! I earned brownie points from both Connor and my wife for finding you. Before finding you we were stressed out because the oboe that was mailed to us by another oboe re-seller was below our expectations and we were fearful that we could not find a quality oboe which we could afford. You made the purchasing process so much better! You sent us 3 different oboes (Fox, Yamaha, and Fossati) in our price range which allowed Connor to select the one that was the best match for him. We had fun watching him play them blind folded to figure out which he liked the best! Connor’s final selection, the Fossati, was made with the help of his oboe instructor at LSU. She was so impressed with the quality of the instruments and the professionalism of your services that I understand she is sending you an instrument to market for her. I teach Service Marketing at Louisiana State University and I will be using you as an example in my future lectures! Thanks again”- Ron, Louisiana, December, 2012.

“To Hannah – Hello! My name is Cheyanna, and I would just like to tell you how thankful I am for you! I have been playing oboe for three years now, ever since I was nine years old. So far, I’ve had only student model oboes, which have been great companions in my performing years. However, it is most definitely time for a new oboe. As you know, new instruments, especially oboes, are not cheap. My family and I cannot begin to express our gratitude to you. Thank you so much and continue doing what you do! Thank you! Cheyanna. P.S. I am also enjoying the fingering charts and soaking cup!. Thank you!”– Cheyanna, Colorado, December, 2012

“Thank you, Hannah. You have been very kind and patient with me, and I really appreciate that. When I started the adventure of buying something that was absolutely new to me I was very worried. Now I am happy I found you, and it is my daughter’s turn to prove that both your effort and mine have been worthwhile. I will let you know when it gets there. Best wishes.”- Paloma, Spain, December, 2012

“What a great job Hannah did for me. I’m an older musician who wanted to play with my military unit’s {WAC BAND} biannual reunion. She sent me a wonderful oboe to try and sent many extras to help me decide if I could really play, and I absolutely love it! I bought the oboe and I play everyday. Hannah’s profesional, kind service eased my fears and her continued support is wonderful. I highly recommend her, young and old, just starting or reconnecting to a passion of music that never grows old! Thank you so much for being part of this dream to play again and go to my next reunion as a member of the band! Your kindness and generosity is rare these days and know I appreciate it! I will surely keep in touch and let you know of my progress.”– Nancy, Ohio, December, 2012

“Hannah, the oboe is wonderful. Thanks for your help.”- Jennifer, Missouri, November, 2012

“Dear Miss Hannah, Thank you very much for your help in finding an instrument for us. My teacher and my parents and I all really like your oboe. We have been praying for the perfect instrument at the perfect price, and I think we have found it. I appreciate your work and your generosity. Thank you for the gifts. I’ve been wanting a reed soaking kit. We would happily recommend you to anyone!”- Wolfgang, Texas, November, 2012

“Dear Hannah, Thank you very much for helping us find the right oboe. Being able to try out so many and compare them side by side was invaluable. The entire process has been educational for both of us, and Savanna is thrilled with her new oboe. Many thanks.”- Kimberly, Georgia, November, 2012

“Dear Hannah, I wanted to express my thanks for working with Nicolas and for making the oboe trial and purchase process very easy and enjoyable for him. I am sure that he will have many successful years of playing the Howarth. My wife and I heard him play it over the weekend and it sounded amazing. Thank you again.”– Chris, Florida, November, 2012

“Thank you Hannah, He is enjoying the new oboe very much, and his playing is greatly improved.”– Claire, Indiana, November, 2012

“Dear Hannah, Thank you very much for your cooperation in helping me find the right oboe! Your service was fast and efficient and I LOVE my new instrument! I can’t wait to play it in symphony hall later this month!”- Alex, Massachusetts, October, 2012

“Hannah, Thank you so much for helping us out with finding a new oboe! Already it has been great because I made second chair oboe in my all-district orchestra. Thank you again.”- Lauren, Illinois, October, 2012

“Hi Hannah, We just wanted to let you know that we love the new (used) oboe. Hannah’s Oboe Teacher – Pat – says it is in perfect playing condition – looks brand new – and has a nice tone. Thanks very much for your help with this purchase – we have been looking for a while – wish we had just started with the Oboe Fairy! Thanks again!”– Sue, New York, October, 2012

“Thank you Hannah! You were wonderful to work with, you really went the extra mile-I love all the accessories! May your business be blessed.”– Jennifer, Utah, September, 2012

“Dear Hannah, Allison normally sleeps in until 10-11-noon. This morning Dave and I were having coffee when we heard all this commotion upstairs. Allison’s bedroom window was open and she heard a truck outside, a FedEx truck, and she came tearing down the stairs, opened the front door and excitedly brought her box into the family room. She carefully opened it and is absolutely thrilled with everything. The carrying case is beautiful! She loves the idea of having that to carry all her stuff. Yesterday she sat at the kitchen table and read, watched, listened to all the internet links you sent her so that she was filled with knowledge before it arrived today. She followed your instructions for soaking the reed and just now is getting some decent sound out of it. Her cat took off running for the garage. Her sister has her flute out and Carlena is showing her some finger positions. Carlena sat next to the only oboe player from last year in 6th grade. I can see some flute/oboe concerts being performed for family occasions in the future! The instrument wrapped in the red tissue paper with your logo was a classy touch. The instrument is beautiful. I told Allison she has 7 days to “trial” this instrument. She said, “I’m keeping it!” I will let her get through her first lesson on Monday, and practicing with it but it sounds like we will be keeping it ! Thank you SO much for the time you spent educating me on this purchase. We don’t get direction from the music teacher other than, “go to a music store.” I can already see how passionate Allison is about this oboe. Thank you again, we have a very happy, excited 6th grader!”

– Kim, Washington, September, 2012

“Dear Hannah, Thank you again so much for sending us these beautiful oboes and for all your help. We all love the Howarth. When she played it, my husband and I were shocked at the difference between it and the school rental instrument. It sounded like a completely different instrument entirely. It’s a pleasure to hear her practice now.”– Lacey, Florida, September, 2012

“Buying an oboe from Hannah Selznick was very convenient; finding the right quality instrument was in my favor, shipping was efficient, and the ability to contact Hannah with inquiry was feasible. Hannah did a great job supplying me with information that I needed to know about my oboe and how to properly take care of it during my adjustment to my new instrument. I am very fortunate to have found such a person who is charismatic in helping others find a great quality instrument. I now have the ability to pursue my goals in music.”– Andrew, Georgia, September, 2012

“Dear oboe fairy, I’m going to keep the Yamaha. I’ve already named him too, Willy! He likes his new home with me. I’m going to take great care of him. Love, Zoe.” Ohio, August, 2012.

August 2012……”My son Andrew is 17 years old and has been playing the oboe since 6th grade. With hard work, and private lessons from one of the best instructors in the SE (Atlanta GA area), we decided to buy him an oboe because he was getting ready for college auditions, and getting ready to minor in music. His instructor, Dane, told us about Hannah and her mission to find fantastic oboes for kids who love to play them.

She shipped (2) Howarth S40C oboes AND a Loree GN79, to Dane for Andrew to have a trial period with them. The cases were top quality, all the accessories were above and beyond, and it was so professional. Andrew picked up one of the Howarth’s and fell in love with it. He loved it so much that after his first football game (he is in the marching band), he came home to practice on his oboe~!!

Hannah has been awesome to deal with, and she really cares that kids who love to play oboes can get a top quality oboe from her and a great price. Thanks Hannah! Pam.”

“Hannah, Thank you so much. We so enjoyed our time with you and Kait is very excited to have such a beautiful instrument. Thank you for the business which you provide and for the true love of which you so share with others. You are a gem to have here in Arizona. Have a wonderful rest of this year, Terri, Brian and Kaitlynn.” Arizona, August, 2012.

“Dear Hannah, Two years ago you helped me find the perfect oboe for my daughter–a Mark Chudnow oboe that she absolutely adores. Since I just took it for its annual servicing, it reminded me of how grateful I am for your help (I was pulling my hair out trying to understand oboes, since none of us had even seen one, never mind played one), your fabulous service, the fact that you let her try the oboe for a week, and for the fact that we got an amazing instrument that sounds beautiful. Emily has had several solos in high school concert band, and she is very proud of her continued growth and musicianship, and credits the wonderful oboe you found for her! Anyway, we wanted to thank you again. Fondly, Anne and Emily.” New York, August, 2012.

“Hi Hannah. Thank you so much for your kindness to William. Indeed he is very excited. His teacher is ecstatic about the Howarth oboe you sold to us–great! Hope you had a good experience at the IDRS meeting. We enjoyed everything about the meeting. It was a tremendous good fortune to meet you there and have your help. Regards and best wishes,

Jim.” Virginia, July, 2012.

“Hannah, It has been a pleasure working with you. Amanda loves her Oboe! Thank you, LaDonna.” Texas, July, 2012.

“Dear Hannah, Thank you so much for sending these great oboes for Emily. She is so thrilled and so is Lisa with her choice. The sound is beautiful. She will enjoy this new level on the tour through Poland and Hungary! Kindly, Brenda.” “I love my Loree.” Thank you, Emily.” Ohio, June, 2012.

“Hannah, I just wanted you to know that Savannah’s oboe arrived promptly at 10:30 this morning. She played it for at least 1 ½ hours before her lesson this afternoon, and really loves it. Bill also gave his seal of approval today. He said he hadn’t played a 333 before, but it seems very close to the 330. Adding one of his reeds made the sound even better! Thank you so much for your assistance and generosity. Needless to say, we would like to keep it. You have a very happy customer! Thank you very much for helping us to find the right oboe for Savannah. She loves it! Wendy.” Virginia, June, 2012.

“Hello Hannah, I am e-mailing to thank you on the 2 wonderful oboes that you sent me.

I have NEVER in my life seen such wonderful packaging, and those little bonuses like Martin’s fingering chart are really lovely! Thank you for your wonderful service Hannah.

Regards, Howard.” Malaysia, June, 2012.

“Hello Hannah. It has been a pleasure working with you. Of the services I tried during this process, yours is at the top in quality and ease of use. I hope my future will call for a need for English Horn. You will be first contact when that time comes. You are one of the most positive and uplifting people I have ever spoken with. You may of course quote me on your testimonials page. Thanks again, Andrew.” Pennsylvania, May, 2012.

“Thank you Hannah! We are very excited about this beautiful instrument! Lori.” Connecticut, May, 2012.

“Hannah, It has been a pleasure working with you. Thanks for being so prompt with everything. I have enjoyed working with you and learning more about oboes, but I am hoping that in the future it will be Kathy doing her own shopping. By then, she hopefully will have fully developed her own ear, and her own taste in tones. In the last weeks, I have learned an awful lot about oboes– enough to know how ignorant I still am about them. But everyone around us has agreed that this is a nice oboe, with a lovely sound. Thanks again, James.” Colorado, May, 2012.

“Hannah, Thanks so much for everything you have done! I Love the Oboe Fairy. Thanks again, Brian.” Texas, May, 2012.

“Dear Hannah, It’s our pleasure to know you and we are very satisfied with the oboe we bought. You are really an Oboe Fairy. If my friends need the instrument- I will highly recommend you to them, not only because the good quality of the oboe, we also appreciate the way you do your business. All the best, Qing.” California, May, 2012.

“Hannah,Thank you so much for being so accommodating to us. You were wonderful to work with. Just to let you know how my daughter feels about her new Oboe……this past weekend, she had an audition for NYSSMA (NYS band), she sounded wonderful and received a grade of 98% out of 100%. My wife and I are very proud of her. Thank you again. Very best regards, Tony and Jennifer.” New York, April, 2012.

“I recently purchased an oboe through the Oboe Fairy and the entire experience was amazing. The woman that my daughter takes oboe lessons from recommended Hannah to us when we entered the market to upgrade our instrument from a school loaner to a good, quality instrument. When my daughter and I met with Hannah to look at her inventory, I immediately knew that Hannah was something special. Her attention to detail is amazing and she really gave me the impression that she wanted to find the best instrument for us that fit our price range and provided good overall quality. Hannah let us evaluate several oboes and we settled on a Loree. I really appreciated Hannah’s opinion on the oboes that we considered and I feel that we have purchased an oboe which can kept and played for many years. Hannah, besides being an accomplished musician, is an incredible person to work with whose honesty and caring are beyond what I can adequately describe. Chuck.” Arizona, April, 2012.

“Hannah, Thank you for all your help! It is very much appreciated! Pam & Robert.” Florida, April, 2012.

“Hannah, Thank you so much for all of your help and patience. Pat.” Louisiana, April, 2012.

“Hannah, Thank you for helping me with my purchase of an oboe for my son. Being a basketball player I had no idea what I was doing when I decided that I would purchase an oboe for my son for his high school graduation. I am the type of person who takes time and gets a head start on major purchases and the oboe purchase was no exception. I truly appreciate your continued help over the course of about a year of emails and ultimate trial and purchase of an oboe. I truly believe you went the extra mile even putting aside oboes that your suspected I was interested in from an email of mine which was, in my opinion, non committal. Your quick responses to questions and emails with very informative information was greatly appreciated. I do not know many oboists other than my son but if I ever run across someone looking to purchase an oboe I will be steering them in your direction. This basketball player now knows just what a water pillow is and how to use it!! Patrick.” Louisiana, April, 2012.

“Hannah, Jeronimo is jumping up and down of happiness with the oboe! Thank you, Eury.” Mississippi, April, 2012.

“Hannah Selznick, aka the Oboe Fairy, provides exceptional service to her patrons no matter their previous experience with purchasing or playing the oboe. She patiently and quickly answers all questions and cheerfully provides expert, sound advice. When you receive your oboe(s) on trial, it is clear that Hannah really cares about your oboe experience with thoughtful extras like a fingering chart and oboe care kit. For Hannah this is much more than just a business, but also a noble mission which she loves. After experiencing her service from the entire process of inquiry through purchase, I felt really good about not just getting a great oboe but also working with an oboist like Hannah who truly cares and is engaged to go the extra mile for you. ……. Thanks for the Bill of Sale. Like everything you do, it is truly first class and high quality. The world would be a better place if all business persons had an ethic and ethos similar to yours. It’s really refreshing and restores your faith in humanity to work with someone of your caliber. Best wishes, Fred.” California, March, 2012.

“Hi Hannah. Anna is beyond thrilled to own her very own Loree….We will also sing your praises to other families we might know who are looking for their own oboe. Thank you again and again! Carolynn.” Michigan, February, 2012.

“Good morning Hannah, Just an update regarding Victoria. She is so happy to have the oboe and still cannot believe how lucky she was to receive it. She was practicing last night and was so amazed that she was able to play notes that she had never been able to play before…what a difference for her. Your kindness has helped bring a continued smile to my daughter which is worth so very much to me. Maybe something I might say could help you in some small way or help persuade another family to call you or email you and become part of the oboe fairy family. Truly, Annie.” Colorado, February, 2012.

“I have been practicing a lot on the fox 333 we purchased from you and let me tell you it is SUCH an improvement over my old oboe. Practice went from semi-torturous squeaky agony to great fun (for me!) on the new oboe. Even my family doesn’t mind listening to a session now. Your customer service was excellent. The trial oboes arrived exactly as described in your list of recommendations. The trial was just great and I wish I could have kept all the instruments. Thank you for your help and have a great day. Faith.” Alaska, February, 2012.

“Thanks Hannah, We are delighted with the oboe. It sounds/looks beautiful. Carol.” Arizona, December, 2011.

“Hannah, Thanks for the fantastic oboe! You were a joy to work with. Greg.” Washington, December, 2011.

“Hannah, we are pleased that we were afforded the opportunity to try several instruments at one time. Because we live in Alabama, there is no double reed specialist. I feel fortunate that you were recommended to us. When I listened to the oboes…I was reminded that one can find beauty in almost anything…however beauty in music does come from within…and Catherine truly felt and played beautifully with the Howarth. …… We’ve had an incredible experience with the “OBOE FAIRY.” ….we feel very fortunate to have met the VERY best oboe fairy in the UNITED STATES – She has given Catherine an opportunity she might have never had! Thank you, Hannah Selznick! Beth.” Alabama, December, 2011.

“Dear Hannah, We received the Fox 333 last Thursday. Martin loves it. We had it tested by a colleague who plays oboe yesterday and she said it’s in great condition. So, we’ll take it…… We really appreciate your friendly, helpful service, the quality oboe, and the nice accessories that you sent with it. Many thanks! –Ben.” Pennsylvania, December, 2011.

“Dear Hannah, Thanks again for the great service you provided us! Adam is very happy to finally have his own oboe. I think it will serve him well for a long time. Sincerely, Miranda.” Alabama, November, 2011.

“I am so happy to have been referred to Hannah to find my oboe. She was so kind and readily willing to help! She made sure I got the perfect oboe for my level and budget and I am happier than ever as an oboist! I know that if I need help with anything else, she’ll help me without hesitation. I would recommend her to anyone! She is one of the nicest, reliable, and thoughtful people I have worked with. Thank you Hannah! You are truly the oboe fairy. Helen.” California, November, 2011.

“Hello Hannah,

Thank you – from Katelynn, she LOVES her “new” oboe.

Thank you – from Mom & Dad (Sharon & Randy).

Thank you – Mr. Dave Sievert – Kate’s 7th grade music teacher, his ears are now at peace :)” Michigan, October, 2011.

“It has been very pleasant doing business with Hannah. She consulted with me, providing professional advice about oboes for my 12-year old son, who has been playing oboe for two years. Hannah made the experience easy for us. She shipped us three quality used oboes in excellent condition for my son to try out. Her business etiquette is better than anyone I’ve ever experienced doing business with. She is communicative and personable, making the experience a pleasurable one. Give Hannah a call. You will not be disappointed. Diane.” Florida, October, 2011.

“Hello Hannah, Thank you so much for the help with the oboe. Sarah really liked both the Fox and Yamaha but she thought the Fox “felt better.” Have a great day! Paige.” Arizona, September, 2011.

“Hannah, please use my poem and comments as a recommendation to others of your exceptional service. It was a pleasure buying an oboe from you, Hannah. You have the heart of a servant and a great passion for seeing others succeed…..Annie is thrilled about her oboe purchase. She can hardly wait to get it. This has been the best surprise I’ve ever pulled off, and I have you to thank for helping me. It surely has been a pleasure working with you. We certainly will recommend you to anyone we know desiring an oboe. Eric.” Oklahoma, September, 2011.

The Following is a Birthday Poem, August, 2011 that was written by Eric for Annie. Annie read the poem as Eric opened up a box – thinking it was a saw for her husband, but alas it was a box of oboes – a surprise I assisted Eric with.

My Birthday – number 58

It is my special number

Delta tools sent me this saw

To cut a bunch of lumber.

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish,

Oh what possibilities!

This saw will help me make the fish

That swim in every sea.

Folk art fish with metal fins

To hang upon my wall

Old fish, new fish, black & blue fish

Fish that are way too tall.

I need a saw that cuts big fish

With blades of steel so sharp

That cuts right through the toughest wood

So I can make a carp.

FedEx brought me this brand new saw

I could have bought it at the mall

There is one thing that bothers me

This box seems way too small

What about your birthday, Ann

It seems a bit unfair

Birthday gifts at Christmas time

Bring mostly things to wear

Maybe this should be your gift

Since you have to wait all year

A power saw’s not on your list

But there’s something hidden here.

A scroll saw – no – I told a fib

It’s not from Delta tool

And once you peek inside this box

You’ll think it’s very cool

I’ll buy a saw to cut my fish

Of this you shouldn’t worry

You’ll want to see what’s in this box

If I were you, I’d hurry

No Delta tools in this small box

Of your husband you should be wary

The only tools inside this box

Are from the Oboe Fairy


“Dear Hannah, I love the oboe and it was a true pleasure working with you on both ends of the deal (seller and buyer). Thanks for all of your help and professionalism. I’ll surely recommend your services! Cheers, Laura.” Tennessee, September, 2011.

“Hannah, It’s Ewa. I just wanted to let the you know that Jessica slept with her oboe last night. She was not even this excited when we bought her car ironically at the same price. The excitement carried on to today. She has been playing it all day. It is chore day and she is playing on her breaks too! I just wanted to thank you for making this possible!!!! Xoxoxox Ewa.” Arizona, August, 2011.

“Thank you so much Hannah!! Brad loves the oboe and the sound quality is the best!! He plays daily…. I would strongly recommend you over others, and I have shared with 2 other moms about your business. I still can’t get over the sound quality. It is a beautiful instrument. Thank you again for the easy process and info about insurance. I will contact them today!! You are awesome!! Jeanne.” Florida, August, 2011.

“Hi Hannah, Thanks again for your help. We have worked with several dealers and you have been by far the most helpful and professional. Sincerely, Ray.” Wisconsin, August, 2011.

“Hannah, My life is complete! How can I thank you for finding the perfect oboe. The Loree Royale is beautiful and just what I needed. Working with you has been a pleasure. Your knowledge, experience and honesty are refreshing after dealing with so many quacks. I will be sure to recommend you and your site to anyone looking for an oboe or information. Mary.” Connecticut, August, 2011.

“Hannah, it has been a great experience. I will recommend your services to anyone I know who is looking. Her current teacher didn’t know of you and I have given her all your info. Beth.” Texas, July, 2011.

“Dear Hannah, Thank you for the beautiful oboe. The care and thoughtfulness you give to each customer is reflected in all you do, down to the loving way you present the oboe in its case. Our oboe instructor says the oboe we got is a real find. P.S. thank you for your patience and guidance through the whole process. Not to mention your generosity. Thank you, Ellen and Hadley.” Massachusetts, June, 2011.

“Hannah, thank you so much for being “The Oboe Fairy” for all of us! I so blessed to have met you at IDRS. I wish you so much love and good wishes in your life and business. I will recommend you to my colleagues for their oboe needs too! If you are ever in Colorado Springs, come visit! All the best, Monica.” Colorado, June, 2011.

“Hannah, I’m so glad we worked with you! You’re so easy to communicate with and I loved your selection you sent me! Sincerely, Jillian.” Texas, June, 2011.

“Thanks again for your expertise and guidance; you are truly providing a much-needed service! Christopher.” Massachusetts, May, 2011.

“Hannah was professional and patient as she listened closely to help us choose the right oboe for our son. Her expertise guided us through the entire process. She was always available and prompt with all communication. Thank you Hannah! Lucy.” Florida, May, 2011.

“Hannah, we are definitely VERY happy customers. Clay is truly enjoying his new oboe. He has finished lessons for this school year, but I’m enjoying hearing him practice on. The oboe sounds beautiful. Thank you again. You have helped a budding musician ease into the next level. We are all smiling!!! Linda.” Indiana, May, 2011.

“Thanks, Hannah. I really appreciate your work on selling my oboe. Have a great rest of your week! Karin.” Arizona, May, 2011.

“Thanks again for everything, I have been amazed at how easy this has been and I really appreciate that there are still trusting and kind people like yourself in the business world. JD.” Florida, May, 2011.

“Hannah, Thank you for all of your help. The oboe sounds wonderful. Kate really is enjoying playing it! She is anxious to play it longer but we are holding her back to break in the oboe. The used student Yamaha we rented to get her through until we purchased an oboe doesn’t hold a candle to the new-to-us oboe. Sincerely, Jody.” Indiana, May, 2011.

“Hello Mrs. Selznick! I had my first performance with my WONDERFUL oboe this past Saturday, and it went absolutely great! I did the Andante Movement of the Haydn Concerto in C for Oboe. With ALL honesty, I could not have performed and sounded the way I did this past Saturday without you! The Oboe’s sound and response was absolutely flawless and fresh (unlike the one I was using at school, it’s 84 years old). I appreciate your generosity and help VERY much, and I’m still working on making you more proud! Mrs. Selznick, thank you for being so wonderful! Sincerely with thanks, Myles.” Michigan, May, 2011.

“Dear Hannah, Thank you for such a lovely oboe. I appreciated your quick responses and helpful information very much. I also love everything that came with the oboe. Thank you! Amy.” Oklahoma, March, 2011.

“Hannah, Thank You. I liked working with you very much, and I already love the Loree. I am excited to play it in college. Jessica.” Missouri, March 2011.

“Dear Hannah, Thanks for letting me know about the Covey oboe you had, and for getting it to me so promptly. Although I had some initial misgivings about whether the “Baltimore” model would be compatible with my “Atlanta” model, it has worked out well. I have put it right to work, and I can give the Atlanta Covey its long-overdue servicing without having to cancel any of my playing engagements. I have come to rely on your flexibility and friendliness, as well as your extreme competence in matters oboe, and I will look forward to doing business with you again! Sincerely, Susan.” Durham, North Carolina, February, 2011.

“Dear Hannah, Thank you so much for all your help with our search for Shannon’s new oboe! The Fox 330 is a wonderful instrument and Shannon loves owning her very own oboe! We will definitely come back to you if Shannon should decide to upgrade to a wooden instrument someday. But we won’t expect that to happen for a long time. Thanks again. Betsy.” Virginia, February, 2011.

“Dear Hannah, Your professional advice and service has been excellent regarding our journey of selecting an oboe. Local shops or wind instrument retail services are not anywhere near as informative compared to what you have provided. We appreciate all that you have done for us and certainly will send referrals to you in the future. Cordially, Mike.” Illinois, February, 2011.

“Dear Hannah, thanks so much for the oboe! It has really been a pleasure dealing with you. Thanks again for the wonderful service. Leslie.” Pennsylvania, February, 2011.

“Hannah – Thank you for all of your help with the purchase of a new oboe for my son. It is a great horn and I know he will enjoy playing it. Corinne.” Georgia, February, 2011.

“Thanks, Hannah. Calum certainly loves his new oboe! It has been a pleasure to work with you. Best of luck in the new year. Karen.” Pennsylvania, January, 2011.

“Hi Hannah, when I decided to sell the Laubin, I really had no idea where to begin. I searched the Internet and came across your site. What impressed me the most was that you seemed genuinely interested in helping other oboists to sell and buy quality instruments. After contacting you, I felt even more secure that you were someone with whom my oboe would be in good hands! I could not be more pleased with all of your assistance and with the outcome of working with you. The oboe sold for much more than I had anticipated, and I am very happy that someone else will have the chance to play an instrument that gave me many years of pleasure. Sincerely, Jamie.” Alabama, December, 2010.

“Thank you! You’ve been so wonderful to help us. Rachel loves playing the new instrument. Sara.” Virginia, November, 2010.

“Good Morning Oboe Fairy, We received the oboe yesterday and my daughter was very excited. The first thing she did was play the low Bflat. It’s the first time she has ever played that note and she thought it was wonderful. She really liked the reed also. Do you sell reeds like the one you sent for her? We haven’t yet let her try reed-making. She actually slept with it (in the case of course) last night. When I awakened her this morning she was still clutching it. She hasn’t slept with anything new since she was a little girl. I thought you would enjoy hearing about her excitement……By the way she has named the oboe Renardeau. Thank you for the kindness you have shown us in letting her use this lovely instrument. Valerie.” North Carolina, November, 2010.

“Hannah, I wish that all business would follow your example of customer service. It means a lot when your questions are answered without delay. Requests are no problem. Everything is as stated. No waiting on someone to return your call. Always cheerful and positive. The Loree Oboe & English Horn are excellent. My daughter is very pleased with them. I will recommend you to others. A very pleasant and pleasing transaction. Thanks Again, James.” Alabama, November, 2010.

“Hannah, we received the check in the mail today from your bank and we want to sincerely thank you for all your hard work and concern. We are most fortunate to have found you and you can rest assured that you will be hearing from us in the not too distant future. When the time comes, we have your number and would not even consider doing business with anyone else. Once again, thank you very much. Jim & Keiko.” Arizona, October, 2010. (Consignment clients).

“Hey Hannah-My student loves the oboe! ….. Thanks for making the world a little brighter place! Roger.” Tennessee, October, 2010.

“Hannah, Every one of your oboes were in excellent condition and even our tutor was impressed (especially with the 1965 Laubin). It was a pleasure doing business with you. It is unusual today to encounter someone in business who is willing to trust a customer enough to send thousands of dollars worth of instruments without some kind of guarantee of payment or return. It made our selection process much easier. I was also grateful for your prompt communications – it felt as though we were right next door! Thank you for such excellent service. I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone in the market for an oboe. Best wishes for continued success in your business. Chris.” Ohio, October, 2010.

“Thanks Hannah! It has been a pleasure working with you as well. Thank you for carefully considering oboes that would be a good fit for Brooklynn! We will be sure and pass your business card along as the opportunity presents itself. Thanks again, Lori.” Texas, October, 2010.

“Hannah, thank you so much for making a confusingly difficult decision easy! You are truly a blessing to many oboe enthusiasts! Monica loves her new oboe and can’t wait to talk to you! Thanks again for the extra feather and tube of cork grease, it’s very appreciated! The Thomas Family.” Illinois. October, 2010.

“Ms. Hannah, Thanks for Everything! You were awesome to deal with and I consider it a true blessing that Jason Onks recommended you to me. I appreciate everything! Good luck with the business and in life. Reginald.” Georgia, October, 2010.

“Hannah, Thanks again! Megan will enjoy the wonderful Fox 400. Regards, Eric.” Illinois, October, 2010.

“Hello Hannah. Thank you very much again for the wonderful oboe, and allowing me to try the other instruments. I have enjoyed the experience! I’ll be sure to contact you if I ever go searching for an EH. Your support, knowledge, trust, and generosity haven’t been matched by anyone I’ve dealt with in the world of instruments! Thank you very much for everything! Timothy.” Pennsylvania, September, 2010.

“Dear Hannah, Thank you again for everything that you have done for me! I do not know what I would have done without you! Emily.” Ohio, August, 2010.

“Dear Hannah, …thank you for your willingness to help your customers in anyway possible. I particularly appreciate the honesty and trust in your business practices. Sincerely, Tom.” California, August, 2010.

“Dear Hannah-It was a pleasure doing business with you! Take Care-Robyn.” New York, August, 2010.

“Working with the “Oboe Fairy,” Hannah Selznick, has been a wonderful experience. We live in rural, upstate New York, and finding a used oboe at a reasonable price was proving impossible. Forget the uncertainties of used oboes on ebay and other websites–Hannah provided wonderful (and free!) advice, links to helpful websites, and then found my teen-aged daughter a wonderful oboe within our price range. Hannah’s “try-it-before-you-buy-it” service gave us the peace of mind that no other internet site provided. The oboe arrived in perfect condition, securely packaged, fully serviced, and well-equipped! Thanks Hannah. We have really appreciated your knowledge and the peace of mind that you gave to an otherwise harrowing experience for those of us who “don’t know oboes” very well. Again, thanks. We will recommend your site and services to anyone who asks. Anne.” New York, July, 2010.

“Dear Hannah, we are thrilled with the quality of the oboe and very much appreciate all the accessories, as well. As I said on the phone, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you for your patient explanations and assistance, both by email and phone. We would recommend hannahsoboes in a heartbeat!! Sincerely, Rachelle.” Florida, July, 2010.

“Hannah, Thank you for letting us try out the oboes. They both have great sound, but we chose the Fox. We know it will bring us great joy. Thanks again. Skylar and Stephanie.” Pennsylvania, June, 2010.

“Dear Hannah, Thank you so much for allowing me to try the two Loree oboe d’amore. Your communications and customer service were outstanding and should serve as a model for other businesses, whether music-related or not. Count me among your satisfied customers, and I will certainly call upon you in the future when I am looking to purchase other instruments. Best wishes for continued success to you. Kindest regards, Jerry.” Texas, June, 2010.

“Dear Hannah, Just a note to let you know how thrilled Meredith was with her ‘birthday surprise.’ You were right about it being a perfect match. You know we were responding to her expressed yearnings to begin playing again. What we didn’t know is that she had gone as far as doing some Google searches on her own and had actually found your site and was very impressed by what she learned. She appreciated all the features of the oboe, the condition it had been restored to, and all the accessories you included (which allowed her to begin her journey back to playing immediately)…..You will never know how much this means to her. We think it filled a void she was just beginning to realize! Thank you for making this all possible! Sincerely, Richard.” New York, June, 2010.

“Ms. Selznick, My wife Jann loves the Fox English Horn. Thank you and regards, George.” Missouri, June, 2010.

“Hannah, thanks so much for your cooperation and flexibility. The Laubin d’amore is truly one of a kind and will certainly be cherished forever. I will recommend you to anyone I encounter searching for a quality instrument at a reasonable price. Your services are a tremendous asset to the doublereed community at large and I wish you continued success in all your efforts! May you sprinkle your fabulous Oboe Fairy dust on us all for years to come!! Warmest regards, Seon.” Alabama, June, 2010.

“Hi Hannah, Our son Trevor loves his Caldwell very much! It was a pleasure doing business with you and we will recommend you to all! Take care, Julia and John.” California, May, 2010.

“Dear Hannah-Thanks so much for letting us try the oboes. Ethan chose the Yamaha because it was easier to play-keys moved better for him. He also enjoyed the reed and fingering charts. It has been a pleasure working with you – we’ll definately recommend you to any other oboe-playing friends! Alison.” Virginia, May, 2010.

“Hannah: You really are the Oboe Fairy. More than selling the instrument – thank you for renewing my faith in human beings. This year – we have been “taken” by a few people. I really followed my gut and could feel your goodness coming through the phone. Thank you for doing this – you make a lot of people happy – I know the beauty that my son made come out of that oboe – I am thrilled it will continue to sing! The reed making tools were the least I could do – your spirit was contagious! Have a great day.Cathy.” Virginia, May, 2010.

“Thanks Hannah. We are still sitting in the glow of how well you’ve treated us. You have made possible for Candace to have an enjoyable experience at state. You have left us with an excellent quality oboe that matches her current potential with our ability to pay. I cringe to imagine what our options would have been without your dedication to help others. Believe me, our process would not have been as pleasant. Jeffrey.” Arizona, April, 2010.

“Hannah, I never thought I would ever own a Laubin English horn because of the waiting list for new ones and usually if the used ones are any good, they are still being used, otherwise they are blown out. Thank you so much for letting me know about the Laubin English Horn. It was everything you said and more. Lynn.” Iowa, April, 2010.

“Dear Hannah, Thank you for the beautiful oboe #19184. And Avery thanks you for the gifts that came with it. We look forward to lots of beautiful music to come. Kitty.” Washington, April, 2010.

“Hannah, Thank you for the oboe. Caroline is really enjoying it. Anne.” Washington, April, 2010.”

“Hannah, We’re so glad it worked out. It looks and sounds great. Thanks, Nancy.” Ohio, April, 2010.

“Dear Hannah-Thanks so much- I am pleased with the oboe and am rediscovering the joy of playing. Sincerely, Donna.” Kentucky, April, 2010.

“Hannah-Thank you for the wonderful oboe. Brent and I look forward to hearing Molly play on it for many years. 🙂 Thank you! Stacey.” Arizona, March, 2010.

“Dear Hannah, Thank you for sending the Bill of Sale. Rachel LOVES her new oboe, and I’ve played it a bit, too! …We’ve wanted to buy a used a oboe for a while now, but weren’t sure where to start looking for one that was in good condition at a reasonable price. This one is perfect! Thanks so much. What a wonderful service you provide! Blessings to you, Kathleen.” Texas, March, 2010.

“The oboe is wonderful-it sounded great on a recording we did just this week. Josh.” Illinois, February, 2010.

“Thank you for such an amazing instrument! Danielle.” Texas, February, 2010.

“Hannah- I am so pleased and relieved I stumbled onto your website when I did. Your customer service and communication has been outstanding. It’s evident that you are very dedicated to sharing your love of music and the oboe, in particular, with others. Thanks again for getting me started with a wonderful and dependable instrument. Every time I play it, I love it more! Sincerely, Krista.” Wisconsin, February, 2010.

“Hannah, We love the oboe. Thank you! Cathy.” Texas. February, 2010.

“Hannah, Katie is quite excited about the Fox 330 oboe and is working on some notes and getting a good, steady sound. We’ll definitely recommend you to anyone interested in oboe or English horn! Thanks again for your help. Debbie.” Minnesota. February, 2010.

“Hannah, the oboe arrived yesterday. It looks and sounds wonderful. My daughter’s oboe lesson was today, so she took it to play and show her teacher, Beth Watson. Mrs. Watson loves it too. She had nothing but good things to say about the oboe and her experience with you. So, thank you so much for the oboe. Cathy.” Texas, February, 2010.

“Hannah, we are quite pleased with the 2001 Fox 330 oboe you sent us, which we received last Friday, and we are ready to make this purchase…Thanks so much again for your insight and help with this process. I’ve passed your information along to our school’s band director in the event that more students are interested in oboe or English horn in the future! All the best, Debbie.” Minnesota, February, 2010.

“Thank you so much for your time and attention to Kaylee last Saturday. We love the personal touch in the sale of her new oboe. We love the oboe, too. I have never seen Kaylee so in love!!! All of us thank you so much! Thanks Again, Ellen.” Arizona, February, 2010.

“Hannah, thank you for your kind words. Last night was so much fun and I sincerely appreciate your time, care and passion. I enjoy meeting people that truly love what they do – I meant it when I told you that I love your passion for what you do. I am already enjoying my new oboe. Although I have a lot to re-learn, it is a fun process. The book you gave me is great! Thank you again for everything! I’m sure we will be in touch. Sincere thanks, Ann.” Arizona, December, 2009.

“Hannah, Kyle has tried both oboes, and he has settled on the 300. Both oboes were much better than the one he had been using, and he is thrilled. Thanks, Mary.” Illinois, December, 2009.

“Dear Hannah, Thank you so very much for helping us with the oboe. Kiera Kate is delighted and we are so excited that she now has her own oboe. Warmest Regards, Kathleen and Kiera Kate.” New York, December, 2009.

“Hannah, Thank You! Marcella.” Alaska, November, 2009.

“Hi Hannah, We received the oboe, thank you, it is beautiful and Emily loves it. Thank you, Joanna.” New Jersey, November, 2009.

“Ms. Selznick. I have fallen in love with the oboe we purchased from you over the summer! I’m still trying to find reeds that work well with this new instrument. If you know of any people that make and sell reeds, please let me know. Thank you, Emi.” Arizona, November, 2009.

“Hannah, Thank you for the oboe. It looks really nice, but I never played a horn instrument. I played piano. 🙂

I have been informed that the oboe was approved by Hannah’s oboe teacher. Once again-pleasure doing business with you. God Bless. Ann.” Michigan, November, 2009.

“Hannah, I like the Fox 450 very much, as does my teacher, Peggy Grant, of the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Preparatory School. I now consider myself an official “oboeista,” and I’m wondering about a name for my instrument. Thank you for your assistance. Sincerely, Henrietta.” Ohio, October, 2009.

“Hi Hannah, Last night my son said he had an oboe solo in the band. He played the part and then the band director stopped the band gave a great kudos to my son for such a good job. He knows Justin just received his oboe and it sounds great. So thank you for the charts, the reed and other accessories, and recommendations….Thank you for your mission statement that pushed me towards wanting to help you as well as my son…… God Bless you, Frank.” Connecticut, October, 2009.

“Dear Hannah, I hope that one day we can play duets together. In the meantime, I have much practicing and reed making to do. Thanks for helping me return to my music. Peter.” Arizona, October, 2009.

“Hannah, After long arduous discussions we are going to take the oboe and we are happy about that.

I want you to know what a pleasure it has been to work with you and how patient and forthcoming you have been in discussing business options with us. This is a huge amount of money for an instrument, in our opinion, but as research continued it is the amount they are and so thank you for working through the education process of purchasing an oboe with us and for your continued professionalism.

You have made Kaitlynn exceedingly happy and it really has spurred her practice and given her a new boost of enthusiasm……Have a wonderful day, thanks a million, Terri.” Arizona, September, 2009.

“Hannah, Thank you so much for guiding us through the process of buying Elise’s first oboe. Your wise counsel was invaluable! And thank you for your gifts of thread, poster, fingering/trill charts, and especially the shaper tip and handle. Elise used them this week to make her best reed yet! 🙂 I know we’re not done buying instruments. There is likely another oboe in our future, and Elise has her eye on the English Horn as her next challenge. We’ll be in touch! We are so grateful for your kind and generous spirit and your desire to nurture young oboists! Amy.” Texas, September 2009.

“Hello Hannah! Thank you, Oboe Fairy, for another happy oboe match. It was a pleasure meeting you during my visit to Phoenix in July. I look forward to visiting again. Happy Playing! Christina.” Oregon, September, 2009.

“Dear Oboe Fairy, Thank you for the extraordinary Loree oboe. I am fortunate that my parents are purchsing such an expensive oboe for me. I am grateful to have found you in the Internet. Sincerely, Richmond.” California, September, 2009.

“The extra FHRED I bought is for my husband’s clarinet. Hannah, if it hadn’t been for you I wouldn’t have found a FHRED, or an oboe with a smaller fit for my hands. I also like the fact that the Buffet is used, to lessen the chance of cracking. Thanks for all your kindness, and answers. I especially appreciate the time you spent answering my questions and aiding the decision on the right oboe for me! The improvement in my tone, technic and phrasing is already showing because of the Buffet and the FHRED. Marian.” Illinois, August, 2009.

“Hannah, I played my new EH horn tonight in a quintet rehearsal. It just feels right — I’m so glad I was able to buy it!

Stacie.” New York, August, 2009.

“Hannah, The work you do is AMAZING! If I had come to anyone else with my ordeal, they probably would’ve turned me away in a heart beat! But you did just the opposite! You bent over backwards, and took a LARGE financial risk just to help me out! The instruments you provided me were wonderful, I couldn’t even choose between them because they were both so great! I’m finally feel like I have a suitable instrument for a major now, and I have you to thank for my confidence. Thank you SO much!! All the best, Scott.” Kentucky, August, 2009.

From Jaime in CT when she received her oboe…….”This fox 300 you sent me is an amazing oboe! I was amazed by how heavy it was. When I played it, it had a fuller, darker, and rounder sound than I have experienced so far. I’m not quite sure how I ever lived with out a left hand F key before….That one little key fixes some major low f to low d issues I had been struggling with. I have hit low b flat for the first time also, so deep so beautiful. I will take good care of this oboe and love it. I definitely have to get used the weight of it though. ……I will probably be playing it most of the day tomorrow!

Thank you so much hannah! It is not every day an oboe fairy comes along. I only dreamed of owning a pro oboe now I have a top quality one! Your repair man is great. I can tell he put tons of work into this. There are only a few of the original teflon tipped screws left in it, almost all of them are new and working perfect. The oboe plays like it is new. Thanks again Jaime.””I am so excited about the fox 300!!! I looked it up online. It is perfect. It will truly last a lifetime and not warp or crack like wood, it has all the bells and whistles, and won’t need to be broken in. I know I will love it, thanks for directing me toward it.. I will have it paid in full early I’m sure. Your trust, generosity, kindness, and love of music & musicians is truly empowering. I always wished for an oboe fairy….you are truly the human manifestation! I’m looking foreward to speaking with you again and making this dream a reality. Thanks, Jaime.” Connecticut, August, 2009.

“Hannah, I am enclosing a check for the oboe. Thank you very much for your prompt responses! Judith.” Texas, August, 2009.

“Dear Hannah. Thank you for the Fox 555 EH. Both Roger and Jason gave it their seal of approval. Emily is excited to get into really playing it. Pam.” Tennessee, August, 2009.

“Dear Hannah, Thanks again for your generosity in providing the trills charts and the Fhreds for tryout. The oboe I chose “won out” in all the blind tirals we performed (5 oboes evaluated concurrently[sic]) . Have a lovely summer! Madelon.” New York, August, 2009.

“Hi Hannah. We received the oboe Friday and were able to take it to Isabel’s oboe teacher today. He was very impressed with the quality and said he would add you to his list when he is looking for an oboe. We will be keeping the oboe…… Thanks for helping us. Denise.” Massachusetts, July, 2009.

“Hannah, Thank you so much for offering the best oboes with best prices. ….Our daughter is so happy with her new oboe and so are we. We really appreciate your time and kindness. You are such a nice person. I am glad that my husband found you. We wish you the best in your business and career as a musician. Please take care. The Smiths.” Arizona, July, 2009.

“Well, Ellie has fallen in love with the oboe and would like to keep it. Thanks so much for your help. I know that Ellie will continue to enjoy playing on the oboe for some time to come. Charlotte.” Ohio, July, 2009.

Hi Hannah –Just thought you might want to have another update on the bassoon saga. More than a month has passed since we first made the connection with you. It seems like it must have been last year! Leslie has settled into the new instrument very nicely. Her teacher is thrilled with it, and the rest of the quintet is, too. Her sound volume has just about doubled — it is a real presence now, instead of the less-focused and smaller tone of the student instrument she played before.

We are both still in awe of the way you were able to help us find this instrument — EXACTLY the instrument she wanted, in the shortest possible time, at a price she could afford. It seems almost like a miracle. The fairy-dust must have been very liberally sprinkled on this transaction!

This goes into our file under the heading, “You Win Some”. It has been a true pleasure dealing with you. Best wishes in your continued mission. Susan.” Ohio, July, 2009.

”Hi Hannah, My daughter finally made up her mind about the oboes. She loves the QC07 and will be purchasing it. Thank you very much for your help! Sincerely, Gary.” New Hampshire, July, 2009.

“Hi Hannah, We are very happy with the oboe- it has a beautiful sound. It’s unanimous-this oboe is a keeper. Thank you so much for all of your help and support throughout this experience. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Jennifer loved the case cover; it suites her beautiful oboe perfectly. Thank you so much for your help and please feel free to use me as a reference for your business. Warmest regards, Yvonne.” Georgia, July, 2009.

“Hi, Hannah. I just wanted to share with you some feedback on the oboe we got Jacob (from you!). It was a Fox Renard 330. Absolutely everyone we have spoken with says it’s the perfect instrument for him. But the best is yet to come. He’s here at Interlochen (three week general arts camp with music emphasis), and has 3 one hour long private lessons with oboist Linda Strommen. She had a good look at his oboe, said it was the perfect instrument for him, and then asked, “Is it new?” Thought you’d like to hear that! Best -Rachel.” Michigan, June, 2009.”Dear Hannah, Thanks for everything! Thought we’d include a couple poems Molly has written in the past on the fairy theme. How fun to get your oboe from “the oboe fairy!” God bless you, Audrey…. Dear Hannah, Thanks for sending us the oboes! I really love the Loree Cabart, it is so much nicer than my old instrument. I’m very excited to start playing it in band, symphony, ensembles, etc. Thanks again, Love, Molly.” Illinois, June, 2009.

“Hi Hannah, She is in love with her new oboe as is the Oboe Professor. Thanks, again. Cathy.” Kentucky, June, 2009.”Hi Hannah, I don’t know how to thank you enough! I am so excited I want to practice all the time. I just got back from my bassoon lesson at the university and my professor said it is a very fine instrument and approves of it 100%. You helped take a very distressing time in my life and turn it into a blessing. It’s still hard to believe I own my own instrument. Thank you so much! If I can ever help you sometime, please let me know. Blessings,

Leslie.” Ohio, June, 2009.

“Dear Hannah, Thank you so much. I can’t believe it was so easy to find a lovely oboe. Blessings, Audrey.” Illinois, June, 2009.

“Dear Mrs. Selznick, Thank you for the great oboe! It has a very nice tone and looks brand new. My oboe teacher thought that it was a very good deal. I would like to keep it. My mom will contact you Monday about sending the check. From, Jeffrey.” Texas, June, 2009.

“Hi Hannah! All is doing well, I have been meaning to contact you to let you know that the Fox is absolutely amazing, but things have been sooooo busy with it being the end of the school year and whatnot! But, to answer the question, the Fox is great, and we couldn’t be happier! Thanks so much! Jordan.” Kentucky, June, 2009.

“Dear Hannah, Thank you so much for the time you spent answering questions, playing different instruments, and helping us choose the right instrument. Rebecca is amazed at the difference in quality between her rental and her new oboe, and we are thrilled to feel confident in providing the oboe. We’re looking forward to years of beautiful music. Thanks, Meg.” Florida, May 2009.

“Dear Hannah, Buying an oboe is a somewhat stressful for someone such as me, someone who can barely distinguish an oboe from a clarinet. My twelve-year-old son may know a bit about oboes, but he knows nothing about making such an important purchase. I found some guidelines on the internet, the most important of which seemed to be “ask the music teacher for guidance.” I did, but my son’s music teacher is not well-informed about oboes, either. (He can teach how to play superbly, however!)

So, armed with what little info I found on the internet, I called you. After asking some important questions about my son, you recommended the Fox Renard 330 (the one I had been leaning toward). You gave us a great deal on the oboe, shipped it immediately, and offered a week try-out period. We received the oboe two days ago.

After speaking with you but prior to receiving the oboe, we had a chance to talk to the principal oboe player for the local symphony orchestra. Upon hearing what we’d ordered, he said “That is the perfect instrument for someone of Jacob’s experience and ability!”

Yesterday, we took the oboe to the University and the oboe professor ran it through its paces. Her verdict? It’s a very fine instrument and perfect for my son!

I can’t begin to express what a delight working with you has been. Your website says you love what you do. I also love what you do! Sincerely, Rachel Foster-Lifson.” Michigan, April, 2009. (Full name printed by request of client).

“Hannah – The ease of working with you in choosing our daughter’s step-up oboe made this a much less daunting task than it had been. We had trialed oboes from other suppliers, and while their oboes were ok they were not as easy to contact, nor were they as cost effective as you were. In this day and age with everyone being more cost conscious, it was a pleasant surprise to deal with someone who sent three oboes (all within our price range) not asking for deposits or credit cards. This kind of trust in business is rare and when we are due for another instrument you will be our 1st call. If anyone needs a reference please tell them to email me.

Tomorrow my daughter is taking her new oboe to school for the first time, she is excited and ready for the next step in her instrumental music career. For that excitement I thank you. Jack” Indiana, April, 2009.

“Dear Hannah, Thank you for finding the oboe for David. Also, thank you for the reeds and the reed soakers. Sincerely, Patricia.” Illinois, April, 2009.

“Hannah – Thank you for everything you have done for us. Davey has a superb oboe at a lower cost than we ever thought possible, thanks to you. It will surely take him as far as he wants to go with it. He is now busily working on audition material for a local youth orchestra tryout in June….and VERY excited about the possibilities. Scott.” Virginia, March, 2009.

“Dear Hannah, it was a real pleasure working with you. Delaney is thrilled with her new oboe! It is a treasure. Happily, Lindsey.” Oregon, March, 2009.

“Dear Hannah, I’m so glad we were referred to you. It was an absolutely painless process. You should be a dentist! Ha ha. Jim.” Kentucky, March, 2009.

“Dear Mrs. Selznick, Thank you so much for all the work you put in to finding me an oboe! It is an amazing oboe! When it came I was so excited! When I opened the case it was wrapped in tissue. After I opened the tissue paper and saw the sparkling keys I thought it was brand-new! I am starting to get used to it now, and I am still amazed at how beautiful it is. When we took it to the Principal Oboist of the Virginia Symphony Orchestra, the first thing she said after she had played a few scales was “you have got yourself an oboe”! I wish you could have seen the look on her face. She really liked it. When we took it to my teacher’s house she was like a kid on Christmas morning. She was very impressed with the case cover and especially the oboe. She was a little jealous that my oboe had more keys than her Loree! I never thought I would get an oboe this nice! Thanks again!! Sincerely, David.” P.S. “I named my oboe “Al” after Abrecht Mayer the greatest oboist in the world!” Virginia, March, 2009.

“Hannah, the oboe arrived today. It is lovely and Nathan is very happy with it. Thank you for the prompt service. Regards, Heidi.” AUSTRALIA, March, 2009.

“Thank you again for everything.! I hope to meet you one day. Double Reed Friend, Claudia.” Arizona, March, 2009.

“Hannah,Thanks again for your great service, Jim.” Kentucky, March, 2009.

“Hannah, Thanks again for sending the oboes. Kelly is learning lots about the new oboe. The fingering charts are great. She’s a happy girl! Thanks again, Deb.” Nebraska, March, 2009.

“Hannah –The results are in, and……WE’LL TAKE IT! Everyone loves the oboe, especially Davey. The professional oboist we consulted played a few scales and said “You’ve got yourself a great oboe.” Her initial reaction over the phone was not positive…in her experience Yamaha oboes are somewhat inconsistent. But after playing it for 15-20 min she said that this 841T played better than any Fox she had ever heard. So that was great news. She was impressed with the condition of the instrument and said it would be nice to know the history….especially if it was a backup instrument for a professional oboist…???? Davey’s teacher was also very happy with the oboe and was excited that he got such a fine instrument at a great price. Both said that it will last him a long time if properly cared for and should take him as far as he wants to go with it. Davey is still getting used to it, as you expected, but his improvement is noticeable over the past week. I think all the new keys have temporarily short-circuited his brain! Thank you so much. We are extremely happy and grateful to you for this oboe. Davey will be sending you a note of thanks along with the check. Scott.” Virginia, March, 2009.

“Hannah, Thanks for your service. Allison is thrilled with the oboe! Jim and Kathy.” California, March, 2009.

“Hannah, I have some very good news–yesterday I won the Principal Oboe audition with the Atlanta Opera! ……I’ve been busy with auditions lately–last week was in San Diego for an English horn audition. That beautiful horn that you were so wonderful to arrange for me took me all the way to the finals there–it’s a great horn. Thanks again for that, and all of the other ways you’ve supported and encouraged me. That EH bell keychain that you gave to me after last year’s recital lives on the zipper to my case, and I still think of you every time I grab it to open it up! I hope things are well with you!

Dane.” Missouri, soon to be in Georgia, March, 2009.

Dear Hannah, Thank you again for your help with Maggie’s oboe, and now quick service on reeds! Anne.” Virginia, March, 2009.

Hannah, Thank you so much for everything you did to help me in the purchase of the Loree. You were kind and understanding and I truly appreciate your help. Please know that I will recommend you to any of my students or others who are looking to purchase an instrument. Thanks again. Sincerely, Bekah.” Illinois, February, 2009.

I just would like to let you know, that the reed that has three colors (medium-hard) is my favorite reed and is my perfect strength.. it plays THE BEST. 🙂 i can always count on you for reeds, and so now you know my reed size 🙂 thanks hannah!!! -Dylan.” New Jersey, February, 2009.

“Hannah – I do love the reed you sent me as a present and have become slightly addicted. I would like to order serveral. Thank you, Gerry.” Illinois, February, 2009.

“Dear Hannah, I am completely satisfied with the Fox 330 oboe and have chosen to buy it. I’d like to thank you again for all your patience throughout this period of investigation and contemplation, which has gone on for over a year. Thanks again, Jerry.” Arizona, February, 2009.

“Dear Harnnah, I received everything today, and I would like to thank you again for helping us! My mom and I put the check in the mail earlier this morning so I hope it arrives soon! I love the reeds and all the tools. Thanks so much-Dylan.” New Jersey, February, 2009.

“Hannah: Thank you so much for the two reeds. They worked fantastic. Samantha is very happy. Later, we need to get information about oboes since she is going to need a new one when she starts high school. Thank you, Grace.” Virginia, February, 2009.

Hello Hannah, I hope you’ve had a great holiday season! It’s Dylan AGAIN. I would just like to tell you that the loree is still in beautiful condition and I made our county band with 2nd chair 🙂 I am so grateful for the oboe we bought from you!! Well I am actually email-ing you because I think I want to buy 2 of your reeds, (like the ones that originally came with the oboe.) I have been playing on ones my private teacher makes, but I want to try yours again! So if you could e-mail me the price of them and how we would go along buying them, it would be great 🙂 Thanks for all the help in my musical carreer!!! Dylan.” New Jersey, February, 2009.

” I am writing you to tell you how well Holly is doing with her oboe……she began oboe lessons in July so that she could participate in her school’s band (no orchestra in the school). Well, guess what! She made first chair for the county band and she made 2nd chair for the NW district symphonic band (there are six districts in the state of NC). Because she made 2nd chair she will be eligible to audition for the All-State band. All of this is the middle school level; Holly is in 7th grade. We believe that she is so successful due somewhat in part to the quality Fox 330 oboe we purchased from you. (We wouldn’t want to completely give all the credit to the oboe.) I wanted to share this with you, Hannah, to let you know how well she is doing in such a short period of time. Maybe it won’t be too long before we’ll be contacting you for an upgrade! Joy,” North Carolina, February, 2009.

“Hannah, Thanks and congratulations on your ten year anniversary with your business! Marilyn.” New Jersey, February, 2009.

“That’s great news. Thanks for your quick work, and thanks for your very inexpensive commission policy. Best, Martin.” Arizona, February, 2009..

“Thank you for making the whole process of “trying to see if the oboe was a good fit” easier. I will recommend you to others that may be looking for oboes.” Jill, Florida, February, 2009.

“Hannah, just wanted to thank you for the oboe and your patience with me. I ‘m very happy with the oboe 🙂 & your service! Sincerely, Lori.” Washington, January, 2009.

“Thank you, we are very pleased with the oboe. Stephen.” Colorado, January, 2009.

“Happy holidays, my Oboe Fairy Hannah! I wanted to let you know that I am enjoying my new oboe. Thank you again for reconnecting me with my true self – an oboist at heart. Sincerely, Mary.” Arizona, December, 2008.

“Hannah, It was great meeting you last night. That was a unique evening, one that I will probably always remember. I am very excited about the oboe, and I can’t wait for Christmas Day for Linda to see it as well. Thanks again for helping me. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this. David.” Arizona, Christmas, 2008.

“Dear Hannah, I am sure Anna will be thrilled to receive and play her “new” oboe! Thank you for making it possible for us to acquire such a beautiful instrument. Sincerely, Mark.” Virginia, Christmas, 2008.

“Laura Grace LOVES her new oboe. Thank you so much!!! Laura Grace is the envy of her bandmates and also got a nice surprise from her director. You are a blessing and have helped us help our little girl shine. Many Many Thanks ! Michelle.” Florida, December, 2008.

“Thank you, again, for a wonderful experience. I’m looking forward to playing this oboe for quite awhile. Katherine.” Oregon, December, 2008.

“Hannah – Catie loves the oboe. Thank you for letting her try all three at the same time. Regards, Cathy.” New York, December, 2008.

“Catie’s oboe sounds great! Very in tune, and a lovely tone. I like the Weber adjustments!” …..Catie’s Teacher, New York, December, 2008.

“Hi Hannah, this is Mary–thanks soooo much for the new oboe— we’ve decided on the Fox 330, 2002. Thanks again! Mary. p.s. It was so nice of you to include the little details– the outside cover , the reed case, etc.. amazing customer service ;)” Wisconsin, December, 2008.

“Hannah, Thank you so much for all of your kindness, generosity and expertise. I know I made the right decision and my life will be full of joy as I get reacquainted with my new oboe. You will be hearing from me soon. Thanks again. Mary .” Arizona, December, 2008.

“Tamara loves the horn–What’s not to love about it? Thank you so much. I’ll send the check tomorrow. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Thank you so much. Ina.” Illinois, November, 2008.

“I love my oboe and I think I’m in love with you too 🙂 !!! lol…just kidding, but I will, in a heartbeat, refer you to anyone I run across that is considering purchasing an oboe. Thanks. I TRULY appreciate you, Jean.” Texas, November, 2008.

“Dear Hannah, Thank you so much for your services and the “extra’s” you threw in! Take Care, Deanna.” Georgia, October, 2008.

“Hello Hannah. Thank you for all the help. We’ll be in touch and certainly will recommend you. Kind regards, Joy and Holly.” North Carolina, October, 2008.

“Kyle is enjoying his ‘new’ English horn and feels quite fortunate to have had the opportunity to play a number of instruments before deciding on this particular one (along with advise [sic] and agreement from his private instructor and oboe repair specialist). It has been a pleasure to work with you and I appreciate your honesty and sincerity through this process of selecting an appropriate English horn for Kyle. I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors. Best regards, Rick.” California, October, 2008.

“Thanks for offering this horn for sale. I was not able to find much online in used EH’s so this filled the bill at the right time.

Sincerely, Kavin.” Illinois, October, 2008.

“Hello Hannah! Well, I have had a busy week with these oboes 🙂 I brought them to my teacher on Monday, and she played them all for me. She liked every one of them! I must tell you that she was very impressed with you and the instruments you sent me to trial, and has said that she will be referring students to you in the future. Excellent! Thank you so much for your generosity, help and kindness. You are a pleasure to work with. Sincerely, MaryJo.” Oregon, October, 2008.

“Hannah, Thank you so much for your help and patience. I feel confident that we have made the right decision in purchasing this instrument. Mia is so very excited! It was truly a pleasure ‘meeting’ you. Take care and thanks again.” Kris, Louisiana, September, 2008.

“Hannah, Well, we are all checked out and OK-ed for the oboe. Our repair man said it was a great oboe in great shape for a fair price and that he knew of you and that you were known all over. Katie’s teacher said she had her best lesson yet yesterday and had a good tone too. He appeartly said he knew of you also. And that was after he seemed to disapprove of my trying to find an instrument over the Internet. I don’t know. He is a great teacher and friend to the kids though. So, I will write you a check right now and get it in the mail. Thank you so very much for the oboe and all your help. By the way, we have never used a feather with an oboe before and could use a little coaching.” Christine, Illinois, September, 2008.

“Hi Hannah: Yes, the oboe arrived safely and it arrived early too. I couldn’t believe it! What is more, your thorough job of documenting the sale meant that Japanese customs waived the Japanese sales tax which saved me $200.00. Thank you. I have been playing it since it came and my lip is worn out!!

I am very very pleased with the Fox 300. It plays like a dream and is everything I hoped for. This winter, I won’t have to worry about going from a cold snowy blizzard outside into a overly heated room to play. The Fox 300 will be fine. In Japan, there is no central heating so, even in your own house, instruments have to survive extreme and rapid temperature changes when moving from room to room. The extreme temperature changes are a big concern with my Fox 400.

I am also very glad to be able to compare the performance of the Fox 300 with my Fox 400. Though the two oboes are very similiar, and the Fox 300 is exactly what I wanted, I am pleased that the Fox 400 is a superior instrument and well worth the addition cost. I couldn’t be happier that I own both models. I now have two very nice instruments, one that I will use mostly for practice and for extreme weather; the other for performance.

Hannah, you did a great job for me. I am completely 100% satisfied with the instrument and also with the way you conduct business. Even though we have never met and have only communicated by email, I felt your personal touch throughout the process of buying the oboe. When it comes time for me to buy an English horn, I will definately contact you. I also categorically recommend you to anyone considering buying either a new or a used instrument. Furthermore, if I ever do decide to part with an instrument I will definately consult with you about consignment. (Right now, I am so happy with my Fox 300 that I no longer plan to trade it in for an English horn. I will purchase the EH outright….Probably a Fox as well.)” Kindest Regards, David, JAPAN, September, 2008.

“Dear Hannah, Thank you for your help as we have journeyed into “oboe land”…what a fitting place for the Oboe Fairy!! Maggie is excited about playing the Yamaha, and we look forward to her performances in the future. Your kindness, promptness, professional grace, and understanding of us oboe novices has been invaluable! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, to the tips of the oboe reeds!” Anne, Virginia, September, 2008.

“www.hannahsoboes.com ….This is the most wonderful oboe woman in the universe!!! Hannah Selznick sells used, professionally repaired, oboes for competitively low prices…. Seriously, you will not find another deal as good as this. I guarantee you that She will find the perfect oboe for you!!! she sells outstanding name brands such as Loree, Fox, Mariguax, Laubin, and much more….” From FACEBOOK…oboe networking page, Emily, August, 2008.

“Thanks Hannah for the great deal on the Fox 330. I’m glad the search is over for now! The rental Selmer goes right back!” Jill, Florida, August, 2008.

“Dear Hannah, Thank you again for all of your time and service. I have decided to keep the loree. I Think that It sounds great and I can’t wait to use it in the university orchestra this fall! I played It at a wedding the other day, and I could not believe how relaxed I was… my old Linton constantly led me to episodes of mild brain hypoxia (starvation for oxygen) and etxreme dizziness. I thought that this was normal, but now I see that playing the oboe can be far easier and enjoyable to play. I will be sending the check in the next day or two. I also would like to order four medium reeds from you. Your reed prices are far lower than other professional reed outfits, and yet I have never experienced reeds of such quality!!! Thank you so much again for all of your excellent service and help. I will probably be emailing you again in the near future for additional questions/future reed orders. Sincerely, Emily.” Ohio, August, 2008.

“Everything looks perfect! Thank you so much for your help in finding just the right instrument for Jamie. We had Dave’s folks over for dinner last night and she was showing them every little detail of her oboe, so I know she is pleased.” Tracy, Scottsdale, AZ, August, 2008.

“Hi Hannah, Thank you Oboe Fairy! Greetings from Toronto. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your package arrived today. It was very exciting to receive it. I guess it was sitting around in Canada Customs for awhile, but at least it got here! : )

The Martin Schuring fingering charts are excellent. They are quite clear to read and very durable. I wish I had had them years ago. I appreciate the instructions for breaking in my new oboe and also the feather and water pillow. If I eventually need another water pillow do you know where I can find it in Toronto? Are water pillows reusable for many years, or do they need to be replaced every few months? I guess I just need it during the winter, i.e. whenever the furnace is on, right? Please keep in touch. Best wishes and many thanks, Laura.” Toronto, Cananda, August, 2008.

“Greetings Hannah: We mailed the oboe today, 8/11/08. The people at UPS said that it should arrive on Wednesday. We included everything as you requested. I have the information listed below. We want to thank you for being so pleasant to work with, it has been a pleasure.” Jim and Lynn, Florida, August, 2008.

“Hi Hannah, Thanks for the bill of sale. Diane has enjoyed getting to know her new oboe. Thanks also for your help and expertise in finding the right oboe for her.” Cheryl, North Dakota, August, 2008.

“Thank you! Chloe loves the reed and the oboe.” Teresa, Oklahoma, August, 2008.

“Hannah – Jennifer is very happy with her new oboe. She had her first lesson last night as we had been on vacation. Her teacher kept saying how lucky we were to find such a nice oboe. Although she needs to get use to the new oboe, she is already playing a little better. Thank you for your assistance, Linda.” Wisconsin, August, 2008.

“Dear Hannah, Thank you for all the time you took in helping Melissa find her new oboe. She was quite upset with the loss of her old one but now is so excited to have another opportunity to pursue it again. You are a great mentor and live up to being the # 1 Oboe Fairy. I am grateful that Melissa chose this wonderful instrument and the bonus of your friendship I have received from that. You are a blessing and have a true gift to offer others. Hugs, Anne.” Arizona, July, 2008.

“Dear Hannah- Thank you so much for being the “Oboe Fairy” for our family. Ross decided to keep the Fox, so we are returning the Yamaha to you. Thank you also for the handmade reed, fingering charts and poster. Charts are helpful with the new keys on the Fox. P.S. I’m spreading the word about you!! Sincerely, Elaine.” Pennsylvania, July, 2008.

“Hannah, You may use my words on your testimony page……I think you have been amazing to work with and we couldn’t be happier with finding you and the oboe! As we were in the process of looking for oboes, we were hoping to find someone honest and with integrity. It was obvious in the first few minutes of speaking with you, that you were both of those things. We also appreciated the knowledge that you have about the Oboe. You were able to set our minds at ease as we decided to make the purchase from you. Hannah, thank you for being the Oboe Fairy. You are exactly what we were hoping to find! I just wanted to give you an update with Erika and her audition today. She was the last one to audition and she did very well. She made it into the Symphonic Band, Orchestra and an honor 4 piece woodwind quartet! She is very excited…but the great thing is what the lady holding the auditions said to Erika as she walked out the door….first she shook my hand and then told me how good her oboe sounds and that this oboe is doing good for her. Now this is the same lady who has auditioned her every year up there, so to know that she noticed a difference in her oboes was a very nice thing considering we just made this big purchase! So, thank you for providing us with such a nice oboe and for the time you spent with Erika this past week. It is greatly appreciatied. Laura.” Mesa, Arizona, June, 2008.

“Hannah, You have done it again! Another very satisfied customer. After all of the glowing reviews from my son’s school teacher to summer lessons teacher to our local professional oboe/bassoon shop, we have decided to purchase the Fox 330 oboe. They said that the oboe was in fantastic condition and an excellent value. Thanks for supplying a reed and all of the other little extras to go with it. I have been told that our yearly cost to own this instument will be less than renting a lesser quality oboe from the local music shop. Thanks again from my son and myself, Chuck.” Minnesota, June, 2008.

“Dear Hannah, The oboe is absolutely perfect in every way. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see the new case cover. I named my oboe Ticheli after Frank Ticheli who wrote one of my favorite songs, ‘A Shaker Gift Song.’ I am so excited and I will treasure it forever! Thanks again! Love, Kirsten.” Georgia, May, 2008.

“Dear Hannah, Many thanks for the nice oboe. My daughter loves it!. Best regards, James.” Boston, May, 2008.

“Hi Hannah, The Fox 330 Oboe arrived safely this afternoon at my office. I waited until I got home this evening to carefully unpack the Fox oboe. Your method of packaging is very secure! The handling by FedEx showed no dents or rips to your packaging! I really am impressed at your gift wrapping of the oboe inside the case! Oboes Rule! I spent about an hour this evening looking at and playing the oboe. The oboe is every thing that you described in your email. The keywork is spotless and the body next to perfect. Also, I was impressed that the Fox Renard name is clearly readable on the bell. This particular oboe appears to have not been played very much. The serial number indicates that this Fox oboe was made in the first couple of months in 1995. I am looking forward to this weekend so that I will have a little more time to play and explore the oboe. I have located my Oboe method books and orchestral parts, so it should be a very musically busy weekend.

Thank you for the handy fingering and trill charts, reed, reed case and feather. They are really great! I will be in touch with you after this coming weekend. Thank you for all your expertise and patience……….. I have decided to purchase the Fox 330. It is a beautiful, well maintained and easy playing instrument. During the past week, I played on the oboe several times….. Again, thank you for your honesty, knowledge and patience.” Tom, Chicago, May, 2008.

“Hannah, Thought I would drop a line about one of your instruments and the girl that plays it. Kelly received the Presser Scholarship at the end of her junior year and will graduate this May with an oboe performance degree from Central Michigan University. She will student teach this fall and has been offered a full grad assistantship in oboe performance at CMU to begin in January. Her senior recital was way back in January so she would have all of her audition music complete. Her original intention was to go immediately to grad school and bypass her student teaching so she could receive a masters in music theory and oboe and teach at the collegiate level. Things do change. She plays her English horn semi professionally whenever she can get a gig. Usually in Midland, Michigan. Dow Chemical is home there and gives a lot of money to the musical art societies. She just completed her area recital on your d’amore and was chosen to represent the woodwind studios at the honors recital. Her trio (oboe, clarinet and bassoon) was selected to perform for the schools appreciation concert called Opus. This is a concert that the financial contributors attend. Kelly has sat principal oboe in CMU’s top instrumental groups, the Wind Ensemble and Orchestra since the second semester of her freshman year. She has done well. In part because of your assistance with the English horn and d’amore. I thank you for this.” Bob, Kelly’s father, April, 2008.

“Dear Hannah, …Most importantly I want to thank you for helping me buy an oboe for Sara. (She will be performing in the state competition next month.) While staying on a tight budget, we want to provide quality instruments for our children as their interests and talents are discovered and are developing.

The first day I spoke to you on the phone I found you to be a delightful, wonderful person! I was so nervous to shop for an instrument I don’t play and know little about. Something about you put me at ease and I really enjoyed working with you. I appreciated how you walked me through confirming my choice of which make and model would meet my daughters needs and fit in my price range.

When I told my daughter’s teacher the price of the instrument, she was expecting to see a piece of junk, as was so often her experience with mail-order used instruments. She was shocked to find a clean, beautiful instrument. But how well would it perform? Each test she gave the oboe, it passed beautifully. In all her years she had seldom if ever come across such a value in a used oboe. I wish you could have seen her smile of amazement. My daughter and I were relieved and thrilled!

I had been so sure that choosing an oboe would be a long frustrating process resulting in spending a great deal more money and/or purchasing an inferior instrument.

Thank you for your careful attention to my family’s needs. Thank you for the extra goodies you sent along with the oboe. My daughter has made good use of them.

I so appreciated your assurance that I could return the oboe if we were not happy. Although I am a stranger you will never meet, you treated me as a trusted friend. I was drawn to you and really hoped our teacher would like the oboe so I would not have to return it. There is something very special and good about you.

Best wishes to you and your business. Our son has picked up the English horn that school has for him to use his senior year. Who knows, maybe he will be in the market for his own someday and we will call on you again. Warmly, Linda,” Wisconsin, April 10, 2008.

“Hi Hannah, I want to thank you again for the superb oboe and all of your help. You have been so patient with me and tolerated all of my e-mails . I finally have the oboe of my dreams, thanks to you!!! Thanks again!!!!!!!!!

I was wondering if you sell oboe reeds. The reed you sent me was ABSOLUTLEY PERFECT!!!!! It worked greatly!!! Please tell me the prices if you do sell them, THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!” Dylan, New Jersey, April 10, 2008.

“Hi Hannah, Yes, We are VERY, pleased with the Oboe and Dylan is ecstatic! He has been playing it & polishing it up, since UPS arrived with it this afternoon!…. We will be making the purchase!! He will make good use of it!! Thank you for your patience with Dylan and all his questions & Emails! It has been a pleasure making this purchase through you. You’ve been wonderful! Your patience, sincerity and trust are amazing & I am so happy that Dylan was lucky enough to find you and this beautiful Oboe!…..Thanks, for outstanding service & a wonderful deal on a beautiful Loree Oboe!” Kim, New Jersey, April 4, 2008.

“Hannah, Thank you for such a smooth transaction. Bless You!” Sally, March 20, 2008, Missouri.

“Hannah, I am just writing to let you know how happy my daughter is with her new oboe. She played with it in her first regional band concert, which was made up of top students in southern Connecticut. The concert was outstanding and she felt great about her own performance. Her teacher is equally pleased with the new instrument and how it is motivating her to work hard. Thank you again.” Eileen, Connecticut, March, 2008. (A second note received following an oboe purchase in February.)

“Ms. Sleznick, I’ve decided to purchase the Fox 400….Thank you for allowing me to try the oboes, and a special ‘thank you’ for the reed!” Jarrett, Georgia, March 21, 2008.

“I just want to say thank you again for all of your help! I’ve been waiting 9 years to buy an oboe, and I ‘m extremely satisfied with my choice! I look forward to doing business again with you in the future.” Maxine, California, March 15, 2008.

“We’ve decided to purchase the Fox oboe. Charli loves it and it’s a great instrument at a great price…. Thanks again. You’ve made an aspiring oboist (and her parents) happy. Music has always been an important part of my life, and I’m excited to see my children starting down a musical path.” Pat, Wisconsin, March 15, 2008.

“Thank you so much for your extraordinarily prompt and courteous service, excellent oboes, terrific prices, fingering charts and accessories, and especially for the reeds! I am convinced that the process was a whole lot quicker, cheaper, and with less hassle than if I would have dealt with someone else. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who might be in the market for an instrument, and I hope we will have an oportunity to do business again in the future.” Bob, New Mexico, March 3, 2008.

“Dear Hannah, Thanks so much for all your help! My daughter very much loves her “new” horn. She started rehearsals this week in the wind symphony, an “audition only” ensemble to which she was invited to 2 weeks ago. All is again right with the world. Thanks again for everything. We’ll certainly recommend you to anyone we hear of who is looking for an oboe!. Thanks again for your friendly assistance and incredible service! You turned what had been a worrisome desperate search into a joy! Best regards.” Mike, Washingston, February 20, 2008.

“Dear Hannah, my daughter is thrilled with the horn and can’t wait to play it at college. I want to thank you for the speedy transaction and your professional expertise in finding this horn for her. I am sure she will enjoy this instrument for many years to come.” Brenda, Long Island, NY, February 22, 2008.

“Hannah, Thank you for finding the Fox 520 English Horn. I already love the instrument and can’t stop looking at it. It is beautiful. Thanks, also, for the fingering charts and the Loree Oboe poster. I will start playing the English Horn this week in the orchestra pit for ‘Fiddler on the Roof.’ I can’t wait.” Lauren, Brenda’s daughter, February, 2008.

“Hi Hannah, my daughter’s teachers looked over the oboes at her lesson yesterday and thought both were just fine. We decided to go with the Fox. I gave the teacher your business card and she said she definitely would recommend you to students looking for new oboes. It has been a pleasure working with you. If my satisfaction is your pleasure, you should be quite pleased indeed.” Eileen, Connecticut, February 20, 2008.

“Ms. Selznick, I wanted to thank you for all you’ve done for me this week trying to help me reach for one of my dreams. I am really excited and appreciative of the wonderful instrument that you have made available to me. ” Courtney, Arizona, February 2, 2008.

“Hello, Rachel is beaming from ear to ear. She likes both, but likes the wooden oboe best. Her teacher has not been a huge help with the decision, she had made it by herself. I have asked her to bring the plastic one to me so I can ship it back. Thank you so much for everything you have done. It has made this experience a little less painful. ” Becky S., Minnesota, January 29, 2008.

“Hannah, Thank you again for your generosity. Christopher loves the Fox oboe. The sound that comes out of it is amazing. ” Melissa M., Orange Park, FL, January 26, 2008.

“Ms. Hannah Selznick, I just wanted to let you know that the oboe is a success. At first the fingering was difficult, but my spouse dug up some old music that she had kept around and her fingers have begun to “remember”. Because of her singing, breath isn’t a problem, but the embouchure is going to take a while. The only long term problem is that our scotty seems to enjoy singing along. Again, thank your for your assistance.

Peace, Bruce. San Jose, CA. (A Christmas 2007 Surprise for his wife).

“Yes, the oboes did arrive today!!!! I have been playing and playing and playing!!!! The reed is working great. I am having so much fun!!!! Thanks!” Nan, San Antonio, Texas, December 26, 2007.

“I just finished my first day of playing Nutcracker, and I had such a great time with my new Loree English horn. I had lots of really great compliments from orchestra members– including one person who told me that if that was a school EH I should talk to my teacher about buying it since I sounded so good on it! Someone else just commented that I sounded like I was completely comfortable on that EH. When I told them that I’d had it in my possession for only a week, they didn’t believe me! As the fates would have it, everything lined up, and I’m completely convinced that this is the right horn for me. I wanted to let you know how wonderful it was to play that EH tonight and how much everything you’ve done to make it work out means to me. Thanks so much! Tonight was one of those nights that I’ll remember for the rest of my life–and it wouldn’t have happened without QW series EH.” D.P, Arizona, December, 2007.

“Dear Hannah….Thanks again for your assistance, passion, and generosity. We are very happy with the Fox 400 oboe……I am very happy with the entire transaction and believe this oboe will work well for my son. I am glad we decided to go with this choice. It is a beautiful instrument and I look forward to listening to my son playing it for years to come. We will of course take proper care of it and I have been working with my son on this. We are following the break-in instructions you enclosed. My son told his music teacher yesterday he couldn’t play any longer as he had reached the 15 minute time limit for that session. Thanks again for your assistance in the selection and the wonderful transaction. I would be happy to serve as a reference if needed. Wish you continued success and happiness.” Christopher, Georgia. Octoboer, 2007.

“Thank you, and you may go ahead and deposit the check. This has been a fun and educational experience. Thank you. Hope to do business in the future with you. Probably won’t be for a few years but should my daughter really get proficient – we may have to step up a little.. smile.” Justine, Texas. November, 2007.

This Testimonial was posted on THE OBOE BULLETIN BOARD…October 1, 2007.

“Just a follow-up to all who’s been reading this. After a long ardous process and trying at home at least 3 oboes and trying at RDG and Michelle Forrest more oboes (new and used) –

We eventually purchased an oboe from Hannah’s Oboe. She essentially offered the best oboe at the price range we were comfortable with $3-$4k. Bottom line was that she was quite accomodating, and put us at ease with the purchase – she even offered to meet somewhere as she was planning to come to LA (to watch Dodgers beat Diamondbacks ;-0 )

This is not to say that we wouldn’t have bought from RDG and Michelle Forrest – just that Hannah had the best deal for us based on the age and condition of the oboe.

We were quite fortunate i think to have 2 good local sources for trying out oboes as well as a source of expertise. In the end trying out as many oboes as possible gave us the confidence in picking which oboe to buy.

BTW, the oboe we bought was a Loree, AK+3 model

One word of advice for those in the same predicament – have a method for trying out the oboes, there was a recent post which referred to an IDRS column. here’s the link: http://idrs.colorado.edu/Publications/DR/DR14.3/DR14.3.Dunkel.Guide.html

Unfortunately we didn’t have this in the course of trying out oboes. as my daughter is still in ‘training’ , she didn’t have a clue how to evaluate methodically other than playing a couple of scales, some measures (hi & low) and favorite passages.” Caesar….Irvine, CA.

“Hannah, I cannot wait for my oboe lesson. Thank you ever so much for all your kindness! I hope we do a nice job. Graham P.S. Your ice tea will be ready when you get here!!! :-)”

Hannah…..I love this oboe. We’ve decided to keep it!!! Thanks for all your help. It is truly a pleasure to do business with you – I greatly appreciate all the advice, the nice extras you sent with the oboe, and your integrity. I can tell you do this for the love of music and oboes, and not for less altruistic reasons!!! My daughter’s oboe teacher checked out the oboe yesterday, and found it to be in great condition. His only concern was that it didn’t have the G#–A trill, but it is still a big step up from her current instrument!!! I’d be happy to supply references for you at any time. Thanks SO much…. – Jenny, San Diego, CA May 2007


“Thanks for your kindness and all that ‘stuff’ with the oboe.” Rick O., Hemet, CA.


“Elizabeth is very happy with this oboe.she had been using a student oboe (Armstrong) for the past 6 years, and then borrowed a 300 series Fox from her teacher. We did peruse one other one, but when she played this one from you, she was ready to stop looking. I was surprised it happened so quickly! She is very happy with this purchase. I am also happy to save money where and when I can. I am happy to meet and interface with others who truly want to help the young musicians of the world. Best of luck in your business and with your family. If I hear of other students that are in need of an oboe, I will gladly pass on your name, and encourage them to contact you directly.”

Sincerely, Kristin S., Elkhart, IN

Dear Hannah,

“I just wanted you to know that I received your check and to thank you for doing a great job selling Nora’s oboe. I do hope the buyer is as happy as I am.” Victoria E., Chicago, IL


“Carmen and her teacher are very pleased with the oboe and I will send you the check today. Finding the right instrument has been a long and frustrating process for us. I appreciate your help and courtesies in bringing this search to an end.” Best Regards, Tim K., San Diego, CA


“It certainly has been a pleasure meeting you, and we feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to purchase from such a reputable individual. It was a miracle that Daniel ‘stumbled across’ Hannah’s Oboes on the Internet. What a relief to know there are still honest folks in the world who actually deliver what they promise. Thanks! As you know, Daniel has been searching for several months to find the ‘perfect’ oboe to use during high school and possibly thru his college years. He feels as though he has made the right decision and is very pleased with the Fox 450..Thank you for entrusting us with both oboes that you loaned for trial. It was a delight to experience awesome customer service, and we certainly appreciate the fact that this purchase was handled with such ease. We definitely will keep you in mind should we need to make another purchase. Again, I can’t thank you enough for making a positive contribution to Daniel’s musical experience (even if it’s just a simple remembrance of the talented and trustworthy individual from Scottsdale, AZ which he purchased the oboe from). My hope is that he continues to enjoy playing oboe for many more years.”

Take care! Dena W., Kennesaw, GA

Dear Hannah,

“Thank you very much for sending me these oboes to try. I really enjoyed playing them. Thank you so much for the poster, pencil and the fingering charts! That was really nice of you. The poster will look great in my bedroom! Thanks again for all of your help. I really appreciate it.”

Sincerely, Matt L., Peshtigo, WI

Hi Hannah,

“We’ve decided we would like to buy the English horn. Henry says it’s a very nice instrument (better than he thought it was going to be!) and the price is reasonable.” Charles B., West Grove, PA

“WOWI really liked the EH-very nice tone and a reasonable scale-very light use over the years and good wood. I was very happy for Carl and they can let you know their intentions. The case is great and all the accessories do make a nice presentation, as you know !”

Henry G., Doublereed Instructor for the Charles B. Family, PA

Dear Hannah,

“Thank you for your assistance in this matter. You have been very helpful. I intend to refer other students to your web-site when any opportunity arises.”

Very truly yours, Maureen G., Cleveland, OH

Hannah, “Thanks again for providing a great service!” Sincerely, Debra H., Mentor, OH

Dear Hannah, “Thanks Again!” Debbie M., Dingman’s Ferry, PA

Dear Hannah,

“Thank you once again for all your help along with the suggestions you have given us. We appreciate it very much. As I have told you before, Adrianne is very appreciative of all the accessories you have included with the oboe. She did like the book very much and it had very useful information in it. It was a pleasure doing business with you.”

Sincerely, Ellen F., Peshtigo, WI

Dear Hannah, “Elise loves her Loree oboe. Thanks for everything.” Karen W., St. Louis, MO

Dear Hannah,

“Thanks for the opportunity to choose between the three oboes, and for the poster, pencil and fingering charts. Andrea really likes the LY Loree and we are happy she has found an oboe to suit her!” Sincerely, Anna Marie S., West Chester, PA

Dear Hannah, “Thanks for making the sale of my Loree oboe quick and easy.”

Janna R., Music Teacher, Bowie, MD

Dear Hannah,

“Thanks so much for working with us to find an oboe for Samantha. Samantha really likes her new oboe and can’t wait to take it to school.”

Sincerely, the David P. Family, Loveland, OH


“Enclosed is the check for the oboe we purchased from you. Katie is enjoying the instrument very much! Thank you for all the extra little goodies you sent her-her face just lit up as she opened your package.” Take Care, Terri F., Fayetteville, GA

Hannah, “I love the oboe!” Henry G., Downington, PA


“The Loree English Horn is wonderful. Thanks for your help.” Sincerely, Jane N., Grand Rapids, MI


“Thank you for your interest, and I am pleased that the horn will go to a loving home! Thanks again, and I wish you the very best.” Sincerely, Amy L., Hilliard, OH


“Thanks for the lovely Fox 330.” Sincerely, Kim W., Avon Lake, OH


“We decided to buy the Fox 400 oboe. Thank you for shipping two oboes to try. Thank you for the poster, fingering charts, reed and pencil. Thanks for your help with this purchase.”

Sincerely, Carolyn S., Mentor, OH

Hannah, “Thank you for the wonderful Loree!” Cheryl C., Mentor, OH


“Amanda loves her oboe. She played a solo in a competition and it was beautiful. Thank you for helping Amanda to find such a wonderful oboe!” Rebecca C., St. Louis, MO


“The shop checked out the English horn and said it played great! Thanks for all your help. I will contact you first when Barbara is ready for a new oboe.” Sincerely, Mara G., Delmar, NY.